Gray Suits And Madras

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madras and gray

Best wishes for a delightful holiday weekend as we remember those who’ve given their lives to defend this great nation of ours, and when we also remember what a great genre of clothing our forefathers have given us.

Last week the John Simons shop tweeted the photo above. It looked familiar, but Ivy Style staff couldn’t quite place it. The Simons folk across the pond credited it to The Ivy League Look Facebook page, but who knows who has the original King Tut’s tomb claim on it.

There’s great sartorial variety in the image, from charcoal suits to madras shorts. And so I raise my glass to those who’ve come before us. They knew how to dress for any occasion, and sometimes all at once. — CC

Good Night, Sweet Princess

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In a recent post on UVA, discussion in the comment thread turned to the imminent closing of Sweet Briar College. Assistant editor Chris Sharp offers the following musings.

* * *

The pink and green world comprised of both alumni and the larger preppy diaspora was recently rocked by the news that Sweet Briar College is set to close. The women’s college situated on a former Virginia plantation and founded in 1901 announced that it would cease operations on August 25th of this year due to “insurmountable financial challenges.” (Continue)


Happy Easter

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That’s one sharp-looking kid. Happy Easter to everyone.


Typical University Of Virginia Students, 1962

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Following our April Fool’s Day diversion, we return to the topic of UVA with this wonderful find by assistant editor Christopher Sharp. Pictured are caricatures by Carlton Abbott entitled “Typical UVA Students,” which appeared in a 1962 issue of University of Virginia Magazine.

Pictured above is The Ghoul, whose description reads:

Amusements: Bicycling, Chess, Newcomb Hall;

Clothes: Stretch Socks, Leggett’s Galoshes, Clearasil;

Drink: Vanilla, Coke, Teem;

Girls: Night-Stand Books;

Places Never Seen: Cavalier, Down the Road



April Fool’s Day: Collegiate Pulp Novels

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The joke is these are no joke. Note descent from campus lover to campus affair to campus doll to campus tramp. I wonder if the consumer of these had ever been to college. — CC



Take Virginia: The Photos Of Ed Roseberry

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As a follow-up to our post on Country Club Prep, which was founded by two men who met at the University of Virginia School of Law, we’ll take a look at UVA during the heyday, a subject we haven’t looked at since last Thanksgiving.

Ed Roseberry was a local photographer who chronicled life around Charlottesville, and last year his photos went on display at the school.

Perhaps someone should ferret out the sartorial shots and package them as a kind of “Take Ivy” style chronicle. In the meantime, here’s a sampling. — CS & CC


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