You Can Go Home Again. Press Gets Back To New Haven.

J. Press is going back to its alma mater.  I did the same thing.  My undergrad was out in Iowa where there was not a lot of Ivy going on, but the Prep scene was a real, real thing.  Polo shirt under polo shirt, deck shoes, popped collars – it was a church school, and I learned there God likes prep.  I went back in what can politely be (I am borrowing the phrase) coined as an unfortunate series of events.   I will have to write it out one day.

The return of J. Press is much more thought out, organized, and I guarantee you, better financed.

From the company yesterday:

(New York, NY – January 28, 2022) J. Press, the “tailor-of-choice” to generations of Ivy League men, is  pleased to announce the reopening of its New Haven store. Opening in May 2022, this new store is the  next chapter for J. Press after more than 120 years in New Haven, CT.  

Located at 262 Elm Street, the new store draws a direct link to the past as it adjoins the previous J.  Press location on York Street. The design reflects a modern yet traditional aesthetic that bridges the  familiarity of a traditional haberdasher with the feel of a modern clothier. As an iconic Ivy Style retailer, J.  Press has outfitted men in academia, business, government and the arts in its sack suits, Shaggy Dog  Shetland sweaters, Oxford cloth button down shirts and other iconic American clothing that has been  passed down from generation-to-generation and the new shop allows for this custom to continue in New  Haven. 

“J. Press has a long history in New Haven and we are thrilled to find a permanent home for our store in  the city of our founding.” said Jun Murakami, President of J.Press USA. “We look forward to continuing  the rich tradition of classic American style for years to come.” 

Measuring 1,780 square feet, the new J. Press store will house the Heritage and J. Press Pennant  collection and sportswear on the first floor. The second floor will house tailored clothing, a Made-to Measure and custom shirt program and a full tailor shop. The other areas of the building will house the J.  Press e-commerce distribution center and administrative offices.

There are renderings I asked for, and photos coming as well.  When I get them I will show you.

Have a safe weekend! – JB

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  1. “Nobody does American Traditional like Japanese traditionalists.”

    So true. Rumor has it the Japanese market is keeping Alden, U.K. woolens/worsteds mills, and tweed weavers in steady business.

  2. It sounds like this means they have abandoned plans to rebuild the old store at its York Street location. Kind of odd. I know they went through the zoning approval process to put up a new building a couple of years ago. If the Elm Street location is going to be the ‘permanent’ location it sounds like the powers that be have opted to be a renter rather than an owner. Not sure that’s a good decision.

  3. I looked it up. They had all the plans to build a four story 16000 sq.ft. building with a cafe on the top floor. Hired the architect, got the zoning approvals in 2019. It was going to be built in a year. Somebody changed their mind, apparently.

  4. Fred Johnson | January 29, 2022 at 3:07 pm |

    From what I can tell they are moving next to LL Bean in the vacant space there, not to their former York Street location. There was a sign on the empty space announcing their coming last week I believe. Being in New Haven I’ll wait and see, their current location is rather cramped and not very large.

  5. Craig Sevde | January 29, 2022 at 4:43 pm |

    Would that be Central College?

    Nothing nearly as big as Central. Teeny school in Northwest IA. BUT. It did have a truck stop in LeMars that served a bowl of fried food and Lambrusco for $7. – JB

  6. Craig Sevde | January 29, 2022 at 4:49 pm |

    Yes, J Press is going into the former TYCO print location. Warren Parker is a new New Haven business that will be next door. Then I assume Gant is still on the corner!

  7. Craig Sevde | January 29, 2022 at 4:55 pm |

    Warbey Parker. Not good with spell check.

  8. Fred Johnson | January 29, 2022 at 5:36 pm |

    Warby Parker is in the former Gant space on the corner.

  9. Orange Fiji | January 29, 2022 at 7:28 pm |

    So when will J. Press be moving back to Harvard Square, or at least somewhere in the Greater Boston area?

  10. The original building gave me a feeling when I walked in there(not all that often). As with most things, new and shiny won’t be the same.

  11. Didn’t even know their New Haven store was closed. When did they close it? Last time I visited New Haven in 2016 I believe, I went into the store and asked the salesman if there are plans to move back to the original location, which had been severely damaged by a storm, to which he replied that they absolutely are planning to do exactly that. Now it’s obvious it won’t happen, but at least there will be a J. Press store in NH. What about their Harvard location? Will they ever open a store there again? Speaking of Gant, does the NH store still exist? I never cared much for the brand, as it’s obviously an overpriced European company that doesn’t have much to do with its origins anymore, but I’m still curious. Their website hasn’t been operational in USA for a few years. They also used to have a tiny shop in Manhattan, but I don’t know if it still exists.

  12. There has been a JPress store, at various New Haven sites, ever since the building collapse.

  13. Boola Boola !!

  14. Is it inconceivable that they can get more money by selling the location and renting another space, rather than having to completely rebuild?

  15. Who said they were renting the new space and didn’t buy it outright? The new space abuts the York Street lot, maybe they’re going to combine the lots and build something bigger than the plan they had approved

  16. Peter René Lebenthal | January 31, 2022 at 5:05 am |

    If you go on Google Maps you can see the shopfront and the announcements of the future opening of the store. The Gant store seems to be closed as there is an optician at the same place. Wishing JPress all the best for their return to New Haven.

    Best Regards from Paris, France.

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