Kazuo Hozumi’s Illustrated Ivy… In English

You can learn all about Mr. Hozumi’s extensive career illustrating the elements of Ivy Style here. 

In September Mr. Hozumi’s Illustrated Ivy will be released.  From the publisher –

Since the 1960s, Kazuo Hozumi has documented the minutiae of Ivy League-style clothing. His  cheerful characters are shown wearing button down shirts, buckle-back chinos, natural shoulder  herringbone tweed jackets and the plethora of  items that fall within this style.  

Hozumi’s finely observed illustration work has  gained a cult following for the unerring accuracy  with which he depicts menswear and his  deceptively simple style, with echoes of both  Japanese Kokeshi dolls and American children’s author and illustrator Richard Scarry. 

Illustrated Ivy is the first time Kazuo Hozumi’s Ivy illustrations have been available with his  accompanying text in English.  


A mock up from the publisher.


I’ll have a review out in a few days.  Stop by tomorrow to meet one of Ivy’s greats – Rhys Moore of St John.




5 Comments on "Kazuo Hozumi’s Illustrated Ivy… In English"

  1. Behind Enemy Lines | August 25, 2022 at 8:51 am |

    Right-o, standing by!

  2. Evan T. Woods | August 25, 2022 at 12:20 pm |

    Just impulsively pre-ordered this! No regrets.

  3. I have come so close to buying the Japanese edition of this so many times. Glad I waited considering this one is in English and like a quarter of the price.

  4. Very cool. Thank you for sharing.

  5. I just wanted to point out that this is a “Guide to Ivy” done in collaboration with a company called Herb Lester. For those of you as yet unaware of Herb Lester, they offer a number of small, well-written and often irreverent guide books and for those in-the-know have become a valuable source of information when visiting foreign climbs or even seeking out unfamiliar territory locally.
    This is not however a full English translation of Mr Hozumi’s incredible illustrated tome, “Ivy Illustrated” which runs some 150+ pages, merely a curated snippet.

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