The Oxford Cloth Button Down is Back. Did it ever leave?

Photo: Brooks Brothers American Made Heritage OCBD Dress Shirt In an article for The Wall Street Journal, Hamish Anderson writes: “Oxfords are beloved as a super-safe wardrobe staple. Their silhouettes tend to be unfussy. And at their most classic, the shirts are finished with a button-down collar (a style known as the Oxford Cloth Button

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From The Editor

Matthew Longcore, J. Press Icons Campaign 2024-25 For over two decades, Ivy Style ( has been the leading authority on the Ivy lifestyle. We feature traditional, classic, timeless style. Editor and publisher Matthew Longcore is an Ivy League graduate who works at Yale University and is the founder of the Preppy Handbook Fan Club. He

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From The Archives

Chipp In Japan, 1978

In the late 1970s, Japanese companies went on a mad spree to secure licenses for American traditional brands. Everyone knows that Onward Kashiyama acquired J. Press, and maybe even that VAN Jacket made Japanese versions of Gant shirts. But what is lesser known is that Macbeth — a trad clothier founded in 1967 by former department

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You know how Madras feels. Now find out how it smells.

I use St John’s stuff all the time, and even I get it wrong sometimes. Too much, too little. Wrong scent for the season. Etc. So St John’s made the process Burton-proof. Introducing Madras soap. I’ve been using it for a week. It feels good, the bar and the scent last a long time (I

The Future Of Ivy

Ivy has undergone the first leg of its evolution. Inclusion. Not the overly-woke kind, the just-enough kind. That was no easy feat, but change never is. Inclusion has made Ivy cool again, and Ivy has learned the lesson that to survive, it must adapt. Adapt it has. Blue jeans. Fewer ties (but still DO wear

More On Less Ties

Charlottesville’s comment got lost in the shuffle somehow but it started me thinking so I asked for a redo. First, the comment: “Sorry to be so late to the party, but I must join in. Ties are a subject close to my heart; in fact, on most days, literally just an inch or two away.

The Up Side of Fewer Ties.

I know. I was groaning too, for a year. We get Ivy back on its feet and the first thing it does is take off its tie. Probably the dominant trait of Ivy since its inception, too, don’t you think? And that, of course, brought forth handwringing, I suspect the same hands that prematurely declared

Which watch?

Editor’s Note: This piece, by Dean Ricciardi, is the next in a series on watches. Dean is a fantastic guy who also works on the site. So you like watches; maybe you are getting interested in them or the first time, or maybe you have a couple and you’re thinking about getting another, but you

The Class of ‘74

By Daniel D. Covell When someone learns that I’ve recently completed the manuscript for my book on the history of the New England Small College Athletic Conference (NESCAC), often he or she will ask, “How long were you working on it?” “Since August of 1969,” I reply, only slightly in jest. I don’t remember the

Bomber Boys Is The Fashion Book Of The Year

The links first. The book. The YouTube channel. The author. Bomber Boys, by John Slemp, is an archive, it is a history book, it is a work of art, it weighs more than I do, and it is the best fashion book of the year. Bomber Boys is a collection of transcendent photography of American

Just Really Quick

If you have Netflix, stop. Whatever you are doing, stop. Go watch Ripley. It is a remake of The Talented Mr. Ripley, taken from the Ripley series of books, but it had to be written by someone who reads the site because it is all inside Ivy-Style jokes. I won’t ruin the story but just