Maine Event: New US-Made Bass Weejuns

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Last week Bass unveiled some new models of Maine-made Weejuns. Priced at $295, they are made from Horween leather and come both with and without beefroll.

I’d attended a Bass spring preview back in October, but I don’t recall these shoes being ready then. But here’s what else caught my eye, which should be coming out about now. (Continue)

Quilty As Charged: Barbour Jackets Yea Or Nay?

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On another post discussion just broke out about quilted Barbour-style jackets. I’ll plead guilty to owning one.

Others expressed strong distaste, so I say we put it to a vote.

(Alas our polling software is glitching right now, so you’ll have to weigh in via the comments section). — CC


Harvard Dorm Rooms, 1899

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This morning at Masculine Interiors I put up a gallery of 14 Harvard student rooms circa 1899. No idea if the inhabitants were the turn-of-the-century equivalent of bros.

Head over here to see the full gallery. — CC


Are You A Twentysomething’s Romantic Nightmare? T&C On Preppy Boyfriends

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Today Town & Country’s website posted a humorous piece aimed at female readers that dissects the no-less-than-six distinct types of preppy guy that a preppy girl is apt to date in her twenties. Apparently by 30 she’s either had enough or actually gotten hitched with one of them.

You might find the piece’s sartorial and educational micro-distinctions amusing.

It’s worth noting that there are seven guys in the above photo that T&C chose for the piece, so either there’s doubles on subspecies or the article skipped a type. Perhaps the OPH’s category of “aesthete.” — CC

Photo by Neil Rasmus/


Brooks Brothers Fall 2015 Preview

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I was unable to attend last week’s Brooks Brothers preview as I was battling a virus — a computer virus. So I’m falling back onto Women’s Wear Daily for the coverage.

Writes the paper:

At Brooks Brothers, Harris tweeds, soft tailoring that enables layering, an “into-the-woods” color palette and unorthodox pairings are some predominant messages for fall.

As the first U.S. retailer to sell Harris tweeds, starting in 1909, Brooks Brothers advanced the tradition by offering men’s accessories and footwear, including wing-tip sneakers and field boots, in Harris tweeds that matched up with the jackets.

The woodsy appeal is rooted in earth tones including an array of moss, loden and bright greens, and Harris tweeds in colors seen in camouflaging.

Head over here for the full report. — CC


Republican Young Fogeys Celebrate International Pipe Smoking Day

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Today is International Pipe Smoking Day. You don’t need to be a young fogey or Republican to celebrate it, though it probably helps.

Pictured above is a photo that originally appeared in LIFE Magazine in 1963. You can buy a print of it at where it bears the title “Pipe Smokers Listening to Speech by Senator Barry M. Goldwater at Young Republican Convention.”

Puff away. It’ll help you stay warm. — CC

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