Golden Years: A Frosty Reception

The recent cocktail blast celebrating the new J.Press flagship store on 44th Street, prompted a question from MC media maven, journalist, man-about-town Zach Weiss about my brief time with Robert Frost at Dartmouth. Frost attended Dartmouth in 1892, joining Theta Delta Chi fraternity, but problematic family circumstances forced return to his home in California after

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Raise The Bar With Sir Jack’s

If your bar needs freshening up — not with more potent potables, but fine accessories — look no further than Sir Jack’s. This longtime, loyal sponsor of Ivy Style has everything the modern gentleman, including ox horn tumblers, sterling cocktail shakers, and even a vintage porthole-styled wine cooler. Check out the full collection here.

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From The Archives

Barking Mad: An English Ad Man In Madison Avenue Clothing

There will always be Americans and Englishmen who find the other culture more appealing. You don’t have to look hard to find Anglophiles in the States, and “Downton Abbey” has relit the Anglomania torch that never really gets extinguished. But while having English taste points your class arrow upward in the US, having American taste in

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The Man Of ’52

Hey guys, flu got me. First time at my desk in 48 hours. Chew on this for a bit, courtesy of commentariat member Carmelo. — CC

Black History Month: Stanley Turrentine

Stanley Turrentine, the Pittsburgh-born tenor saxophonist known for a big soulful sound, lyrical delivery and erudite harmonic sense, was one of the few jazz instrumentalists to have crossover success as a popular artist. Known to play his black-lacquered Selmer tenor saxophone while his R&B star was in the ascendant, Turrentine’s sartorial presentation was always elegant

An Almost Mystical Presence: Charlie Davidson On Chet Baker

This 2012 piece for The Rake features quotes from The Andover Shop’s Charlie Davidson.  * * * Passive Form: Don’t be fooled by those pulse-slowing tunes: self-destructive jazz prodigy Chet Baker — the most stylish man ever to not give a hoot about clothing — was a man of sheer, energetic brass By Christian Chensvold

I’m Here For You, Brother

Today I have a special message on what is a for me a dubiously special day. Exactly one year ago today a traumatic disruption fell into my life like a meteor. Although in retrospect it was a fairly small stone, at the time it was more than enough to shatter my world. I eventually realized that

Putting The “nasty” In Dynasty

Politics is a dirty business, and people on Twitter can be nasty. Last night, after the State Of The Union address by President @#$%!&, the Democratic response came from a member of one of America’s greatest dynasties: Joe Kennedy III. Reaction on social media to this Kennedy kin was less than kind, and even major

Dateline 1964: Sloppy Dress, New Morality

Next up in our series of heyday-era reports from The Daily Princetonian is this piece called “Out of class, sloppy dress and a new morality,” also from 1964. It includes a topic dear to my own heart — or rather feet — namely the breakdown of social dancing, after centuries of waltzes, country reels, minuets,

The New Ivy League Look, 1964

Richard Press’ event at the New York J. Press store on Wednesday was a delight. Photos and yes even video was taken, so stay tuned and I’ll post it just as soon as it’s ready. In the meantime, one of the gentlemen who came up to me to introduce himself was a Princeton student who

Your Desert Island Jacket

Pictured is Andrew Bridier of Castaway Clothing, snapped at the menswear trade shows earlier this week here in New York. He’s wearing and holding two tartan jackets made for Castaway by the Hardwick factory in Tennessee. The words “castaway” and “jacket” set one to speculating. So if you were a castaway on a desert island,

Slim Aarons, Chronicler Of Old Money And The Jet Set

Maybe it’s because I’m a photographer myself, maybe it’s because I’m from a town and work at a club which he photographed on multiple occasions, or maybe it’s because I, like anyone else, don’t mind looking at glossy pictures of “attractive people in attractive places doing attractive things” (his words, not mine), but I’ve always

Out of Luck: The Rise and Fall of Peter Lawford

On the surface, Peter Lawford lived a charmed life. He enjoyed a successful career as an entertainer and leading man, married into one of the most high-profile families in American history, and was a member of the famed Rat Pack. Yet despite his success Lawford ultimately died a tragic figure. From the beginning, English-born Lawford

Website Purge: Masculine Interiors And Golf Style

I’ve been streamlining and editing my life down beyond the usual necktie and hosiery purges. And one of the things I’ve come to realize is that I’ve got a couple of web projects that I don’t see myself returning to in the future, as much as I enjoyed doing them in the past. Chief among

Golden Years: A J. Press Tie For Dr. King

In honor of Martin Luther King Day, Richard Press presents a new and extended version of this anecdote about his father and Dr. King, which he first recounted for his Golden Years column in 2013. It includes a new photo of his father, pictured later in life, standing in front of the very rack from

Gentlemen Of The Press

There are several bits of J. Press news to report. First off, a reporter — or what was once called, possibly ironically, a gentleman of the press — for the New York Times visited Squeeze’s new New York store. For those who think “The Gray Lady” is an old hag, there’s plenty to quibble about,