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Win A Top Drawer Shoeshine Kit From Hanger Project

If you’re not already a customer of Hanger Project, please give it a look. Not only is it run by a terrific guy — Kirby Allison, who started it on a lark only to find to his shock that it was wildly successful — but it’s Ivy Style’s most loyal sponsor, which keeps the posts

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From The Archives

Golly Gee, That’s A Lot Of Bow Ties

Ivy Style’s Facebook group has been lively lately, so if you can’t get enough discussion of sartorial (and cultural) matters with your natural-shouldered brothers, then come over and join us. Recently a reader dug up this photo of the massive bow tie collection of E. Gordon Gee, currently the president of West Virginia University. Perform

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Main Street Warm-Up

This weekend Main Streets across the US are full of ice and snow. But here’s something to warm your heart in whatever town you call home. A delightfully random assortment of heyday-era “Main Street” magazine ads and fashion shoots was posted to Ivy Style’s Facebook group, which you’ll find below. Peruse the images and then

200 Years Of American Style: The Brooks Brothers Bicentennial

Time is a funny thing. It’s a lot easier to look backward than forward. Has something to do with the past being real — having actually happened — while the future is indeterminate and isn’t real until it becomes the present. Brooks Brothers is celebrating its bicentennial this year. It’s incredible, but not impossible, to

Southern Frat: The 1979 “Are You a Preppie?” Poster

Ivy-Style has just learned from a top-notch (and top drawer) source, who will be the subject of our next post, the identity of the creator of the late ’70s dorm-room poster “Are You a Preppie?” Long before he went on to helm such films as “Patch Adams,” “Ace Ventura” and “Liar, Liar,” Tom Shadyac created

Out With The Old

… and in with the new. Once again it’s been my pleasure and privilege to inform and entertain you for another year. And special thanks to all the wonderful contributors we’ve featured in 2017. Next year will mark Ivy Style’s 10th year, as we cruise towards 2,000 posts. Let’s all resolve to look, feel and

What A Pain: Anatomy Of The Angry Internet User — Updated

As the year comes to a close, here’s some food for thought from a piece that originally posted in 2012. I’ve spent most of this year doing deep self-work in the effort to become a better person, reading psychology, and watching hundreds of hours of lectures and documentaries, including New Age stuff on the vibrational

Reader Poll: How Ivy Are You?

This post from 2013 is a nice follow-up to yesterday’s essay from a novice who’d recently discovered the style — or at least the name and sources of what he’d long been drawn to. Alas the voting plugin no longer works, but there were nearly 100 comments the first go-round. * * * How Ivy

The Year I Found My Style

This young lawyer was a lost soul until he found his way to Ivy Style, the website and the clothing genre, and joined the online trad brotherhood. * * * Twenty-seventeen is the year I found my style. Prior to this year, I couldn’t quite put my finger on it. Although I am in a

Golden Years: Christmas During World War II

During World War II, Yale professors still wore tweeds, but the boys they taught would soon graduate into khaki. Behind Woolsey Hall are the many rows of names of the boys who never came back. My father, Paul Press, was a riveter who made M-70 rifles at the Winchester factory on Dixwell Avenue in New

Nelson W. Aldrich Jr. on Preppies

Mentioned recently in the post “Searching For The P In WASP,” this 1979 cover story on preppies is one of the most important historical documents on Ivy Style. It’s situated between the end of the heyday of the Ivy League Look and the preppy trend of the 1980s. It was first posted here in 2009

Crewneck Over Club Tie And Other Forms Of Sacrilege

Over the course of nearly ten years, Ivy Style has received some 45,000 comments. According to a reader yesterday, the following is the best — what’s more, it’s the best comment on the entire Internet. I suppose it depends where your interests lie. Nevertheless, this lengthy comment in response to Charlottesville’s essay on the 500th

Searching For The P In WASP

At some point in the 1980s, I was working in Manhattan and overheard a conversation between two fellows from another borough discussing one of my business associates, whose unlikely given name was Win, possibly short for Winston. “Win? Who knows anybody named Win?” asked the first. The other guy noted that he had discovered this

Complete The Outfit

Here’s an Ivy Style reader busting out his polo coat with, he admitted, “lapels wide enough to land a plane on.” Note the timeless four-ingredient combo of polo coat, blazer, OCBD and Argyll & Sutherland tie, here rendered as a bow. Now how about what’s unseen: namely belt, trouser, sock and shoe? What should the

In Praise of the Small Wardrobe

Perhaps because I scribe for a living, and know that a piece of writing always benefits from cutting,* I’ve always been a ruthless editor of my own wardrobe. There’s always something that can be discarded for being redundant, having fulfilled its use, or not being quite right. The simple test is to look at an