Boutonnieres For A Summer Wedding, And That’s No BS

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If you or someone you know is planning a summer wedding, why not outfit the groomsmen in boutonnieres made of oxford cloth?

Made by Mordechai Rubinstein of the blog Mister Mort, these were a highlight of the Pop-Up Flea show, founded by Michael Williams of A Continuous Lean, held two weeks ago. (Continue)

Frame Up: The Warby Parker Summer Collection

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As a follow-up to yesterday’s post, which featured a bespectacled gentleman in tortoiseshell frames, here are some new glasses by Warby Parker released earlier this month.

The new shapes are called the Buckley (above), Bates (below) and Oxley (bottom).

I ran them by David Wilder, longtime salesman in J. Press’ New York store and known for his expertise in the history of eyewear. After noting that the models sound like they were named for dormatories at a quaint Midwestern college, Wilder added:

The Buckley and Bates are updated version of the “Shosty” frame which Trapp used to carry in homage to Shostakovich. This updated P3 in the “eyebrow” style has been an appealing recent trend. The Oxley is very George Smiley and reminds me of vintage Dunhill models from the ’80s that my father used to wear.

The glasses are available as prescription or sunglasses. View Warby Parker’s full summer collection here. — CC (Continue)


The New Sobriety?

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In the Put This On article about the rise and fall of early 21st-century neo-prep, I was quoted saying that perhaps the next stage will be a rediscovering of the sober side of the trad-Ivy-preppy genre. After all, “all fashion ends in excess,” as the old adage goes, and once this stage has been reached it’s usually time to hit the reset button.

During the interview, the quote was given in the context of a particular brand, one largely off the Tradsville radar, but which we’ve mentioned here a couple of times. (Continue)


Dartmouth’s Animal House Fraternity Loses Appeal

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On Friday it was announced that Alpha Delta, the Darmouth fraternity that partly inspired the film “Animal House,” had lost its appeal to maintain recognition by the college.

The fraternity lost its official recognition for allegedly branding its members. According to a report on the Huffington Post:

College officials have declined to provide details, but the fraternity’s attorney, George Ostler has described the branding as a voluntary form of self-expression like body piercing or tattooing. He said the practice was never a condition of membership and has since stopped.

It’s not a good time for fraternities nationwide. The article goes on to say:

Dartmouth’s decision comes amid increased scrutiny of fraternities as colleges nationwide grapple with issues of high-risk drinking and sexual assault.

On a lighter note, let’s revisit the costuming of “Animal House.” Looking at this set of screenshots by the blog Sartorially Inclined from the early Ivy Trendwatch days of 2010, there’s an impressive array of clothing, from ascots and boutonnieres all the way down to the most casual stuff.

Different clothes for different occasions is a concept that is increasinly slipping away. I just filed a story to one of the rag trade trade rags about “sportscore” or “athleisure,” or basically wearing sweatpants when you’re not sweating. — CC


File Under H For Hosiery

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Last night I attended an event held at “the lodge,” a funky townhouse in the distinguished Upper East Side environs of Fifth Avene and 77th Street. It’s the showroom for the brand VK Nagrani, which caters to “alpha males,” or jet-setters with money to burn.

But it also caters to another jet-setter whose aircraft was none other than Air Force One. VK Nagrani began as a sock brand, and George Bush, who’s taken to wild socks in his old age, is one of the brand’s most distinguished fans, as Town & Country reports. Nagrani has even made a special sock just for him with the presidential seal.

Those of you who crave more options in over-the-calf hosiery should check these out.

And H doesn’t just stand for hosiery. The showroom’s sock display case is an old card catalog salvaged from Harvard. — CC


Whale Of A Tale: The Preppiest Office In America

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Yesterday I had a long discussion with a writer from Put This On about the waxing and waning of Ivy and prep over the decades. One of the topics was how watered-down the term “preppy” has become in the mainstream media.

Emphasis on water.

Yesterday put up a video segment on what it called “the preppiest office in America,” namely, the new Stamford, CT headquarters of Vineyard Vines.

Apparently preppy is now synonymous with nautical. I posted the video clip at Masculine Interiors, despite the lack of a swordfish mounted on the wall. — CC

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