Classy Move: Class-Action Lawsuit Filed Against LL Bean

How selfish are people today? Pretty selfish, it would seem. As in willing to file a class-action lawsuit against LL Bean for dropping its much-abused lifetime return policy. Reports Bloomberg: “The warranty, promising that there are ‘no conditions’ and there is ‘no end date’ has been a core component of L.L. Bean’s marketing and has been

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Raise The Bar With Sir Jack’s

If your bar needs freshening up — not with more potent potables, but fine accessories — look no further than Sir Jack’s. This longtime, loyal sponsor of Ivy Style has everything the modern gentleman, including ox horn tumblers, sterling cocktail shakers, and even a vintage porthole-styled wine cooler. Check out the full collection here.

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Ivy Trendwatch: Take 8 Ivy

Yesterday The Sartorialist ran a photo of “Take Ivy” author Shiro Itoh and announced the publication next month of “Take 8 Ivy,” which was touted as a sequel to the seminal Japanese book chronicling American collegiate style. I was able to flip through “Take 8 Ivy” here in Tokyo a couple of weeks ago. Basically

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Time For Something New: Timex Introduces Retro Manual Watch

Since the founding of Tradsville (the online community of Preppy-Ivy-Trad-Americana) in 2004 on the Ask Andy forum, getting a Timex Easy Reader, plus an assortment of striped bands, has been a veritable right of passage, as well as a kind of pledge of allegiance. The watch sends a variety of signals, including frugality, the rejection

Young And Bloke In LA

While J. Press was busy reopening a proper flagship store in New York, something else was happening in Los Angeles. Jeffery Plankster, a commercial director and host of the jazz radio show that featured me last year, has opened a retail store in LA’s historically most preppy enclave of Pasadena. The store is called The

“Lotsa Luck”: LL Bean To Go Global, Shed Stodgy New England Image

With its first-ever CEO from outside the family, LL Bean has a plan to boost its flat sales and aging demographic: shed its stodgy New England image and become an international brand. That includes tripling ad spending (a cost that will surely be passed down to the consumer), ads that feature greater ethnic diversity. The

Ex-Squeeze-Me, Sir, Can You Tell Me How To Get To J. Press?

“Excuse me, sir,” tradly dressed locals are likely to hear from visitors to New York. “Can you tell me how to get to J. Press?” Now those of us who’ve been singled-out for directions because of such clues as our 3/2 button stances, collar rolls and hook vents can gladly answer, “Why yes, it’s on

M Magazine, 1991: Unbuttoning Brooks Brothers

The March, 1991 M Magazine article — of which scans are presented below after the jump (click “Continue”) — is our second article on Brooks Brothers during the Marks & Spencer era. Along with the previous one from Forbes, the article is part of a cache I collected while doing a paper for a Business

Im-Press-ive: Much News At J. Press

J. Press is brimming with new energy. For starters, construction is moving along at the new New York location, and we’ll announce the opening date as soon as we hear it. Next, the company has revamped its website, which is now easier to navigate and features a bunch of live humans wearing the clothing, as

Can They Keep A Secret?

There’s a new book — with a whopping 800 pages — devoted to one of the things Yale is most noted for, besides being the mecca of the Ivy League Look. And that is the secret society, which flourished during the simultaneous heydays of the Ivy and the Cold War. Many a buttondowned Eli went

Back From The Living

I spent the past week in Newport and what a letdown it is to return to the honking hullabaloo of New York. I can see why people find the transition from vacation life to normal life so jarring. Perhaps we’re doing something wrong in life and only get it right one or two weeks a

How Ivy Is It To Talk Ivy?

Not long ago I had a conversation with a friend who is a fellow clothes lover. His style is something I would describe as excessively patterned but casual and nonchalant. He cherishes elements of the Ivy League Look but mixes in pieces of this or that as he fancies. We were discussing whether Ivy Style is

Spreading The News: WSJ On The Return Of New York J. Press Store

The news is starting to spread about the return of a proper J. Press retail store to New York City. Yesterday the Wall Street Journal reported on it; WSJ subscribers can log in and access the story here. For the rest of us, here’s a snippet: Preppy clothing retailer J. Press said it is trying

Southern Hospitality: A Visit To Eljo’s

In Charlottesville, VA, resides the legendary menswear shop Eljo’s, whose wares are succintly described on the store’s front sign: “traditional clothes.” Founded by brothers Elliot and Joseph Hyman in 1950, the shop has changed locations twice and is currently located just off the bustling Barracks Road shopping district. Eljo’s features an assortment of Ivy and

Message From Charlottesville

“Charlottesville” is a long-time and much-respected commenter here at Ivy Style. He is a true Southern Gentleman, a lawyer who married his high school sweetheart, and a devout Episcopalian. I’ve had the pleasure of sharing drinks with him on one of his regular visits to New York, as well as many correpondences. He left the

First ImPRESSions

The first stages of construction have begun that will return J. Press to its rightful place on 44th Street.