Free & Easy mantra is “rugged,” which means it’s full of clothes that aren’t exactly suited to my taste. There’s a lot of ugly stuff in there. But there’s also plenty that’s right up my alley: vintage campus photos, jazz recommendations, and stylish movies. So what if you can’t read it.

The May issue features this cool cat on the cover, in seersucker, white buttondown and knit tie, grey trousers and white bucks, plus the ultimate accessory, a trumpet.

Inside, you get two full pages devoted just to guys with Timex watches on NATO straps:


For the narrow tie and lapel crowd, there’s a spread on Kamakura’s new short-collar shirt (use comment feature to rant) and “Take 8 Ivy” necktie collection:


There’s always plenty of wacky clothes, like this whale of a jacket:


This shot makes you want to go on a trip just for the fun of packing:


Jeans are ubiquitous in American men’s magazines, but not rolled-up ones paired with penny loafers, sack blazer, and this kind of backdrop:


You even get a whole page on striped knits:


And this photo almost makes patch chest pockets cool.


The issue also includes remarks by Richard Press judging a best-dressed contest. No pic of him, however, and they spelled his name wrong.  — CC