Gunn Control: You’re Under Arrest For Promoting Athleisure

We’ve been covering the underworld lately, with con men, spies, the CIA, and now a private eye. This year marks the 60th anniversary of “Peter Gunn,” who was a new kind of TV detective when he made his debut in 1958. With his neat hair and simple gray suits, Gunn could have fit right in

A Leiter Shade Of Gray: Savile Row Versus Ivy League

Recently a blog called The Suits Of James Bond paid tribute to 007’s American counterpart, Felix Leiter. The observations are hardly earth-shattering, but it is worth noting how the two tailoring styles relect the characters. “The colours Leiter wears may be the same as Bond’s,” the blogger writes, “but the styles are an ocean apart.”

JFK x 2

A reader recently pointed out to me this photo taken in Newport in 1962. You’ve probably seen images of John F. Kennedy on this day before, but this shot includes another man whose initials are also JFK. What’s more, there’s a nice polo coat in the middle of the frame. You’re probably eager to break


No, those aren’t airports, though one — GTH — could be called a destination. In this photo — believed to be unseen in Tradsville, and provided by comment-leaver GS — JFK has “gone to hell” in a vacation outfit while visiting volcanic Mount Lassen in northern California. He appears to be clad in a navy blazer

Fount Of Inspiration: Phillips Academy, 1969

Tying together our latest posts on The Andover Shop with recent scans from ’70s-era Polo catalogs comes this charmingly hirsute set of images. Frequent comment-leaver “SE” recently posted a set of links — held in moderation so as to be revealed now — to pages from the 1969 Phillips Academy yearbook. The school is based

TV Guide: Former VAN Employee On Ivy Inspiration In The ’60s And ’70s

Today we feature a special contribution. Fumio Adachi presently lives in the US, but in the 1960s worked in Japan at VAN Jac, the pioneering Japanese Ivy brand. Herein he shares some memories about where his team got their inspiration. * * * In our generation, when we were middle teenagers, it was more than

Dateline ’67: Madras, Seersucker And The Rising Sunshine

Although it’s 2018 and no longer the dubious 50th anniversary of the fall of the Ivy League Look, we can still continue our Dateline ’67 series. This one comes not from the twilight of the Ivy heyday in America, but from the dawning, rising sun of Japan. Tokyo-based W. David Marx tweeted out this vintage

Black History Month: The Quiet Sartorial Grace Of Julian Bond

Things aren’t always what they seem. Activists don’t always dress like paramilitary revolutionaries, and those clad in traditional clothing aren’t always so traditional. As part of our Black History Month coverage, Ivy Style presents a gallery of images of Civil Rights icon Julian Bond, who attended Morehouse smack in the middle of the Ivy heyday,

Rising Tide

Tonight at 9 pm PBS is airing a documentary about Historically Black Colleges & Universities, entitled “Tell Them We Are Rising”: To get you in the mood, here are a few shots from the 1964 Howard University yearbook. — CC, JR & LJ

Dateline 1964: Sloppy Dress, New Morality

Next up in our series of heyday-era reports from The Daily Princetonian is this piece called “Out of class, sloppy dress and a new morality,” also from 1964. It includes a topic dear to my own heart — or rather feet — namely the breakdown of social dancing, after centuries of waltzes, country reels, minuets,

The New Ivy League Look, 1964

Richard Press’ event at the New York J. Press store on Wednesday was a delight. Photos and yes even video was taken, so stay tuned and I’ll post it just as soon as it’s ready. In the meantime, one of the gentlemen who came up to me to introduce himself was a Princeton student who

Main Street Ivy: The Sears Catalog, 1964

Sears called its Christmas catalog the “Wish Book.” It, along with other oversized glossy catalogs, came to American households every year heralding the Christmas buying season and giving children plenty of images to fantasize over. Studying them is a remembered rite of passage. In the days before gender neutrality, girls’ thoughts turned to Mrs. Beasley

Dateline 1967: A Veritable Time-Lapse Of Dress And Grooming Change On Campus

A reader sent me these three photos illustrating the rapid change in dress and grooming on campus beginning in 1967. These shots are of our friends up north at the University of Alberta, and feature the same club seen over three academic years. Above is the year ’67-’68. Below, ’68-’69: And finally, with barbers and

The Man Who Brought Ivy To Japan

Since the 1960s, Japan has been an important part of the story of the Ivy League Look, and during a few dark periods the island nation has played an important role in preventing the style from possible extinction. Anyone interested in the Ivy-Japan connection will eventually encounter the name Kensuke Ishizu — perhaps on the

Standing Athwart History

Shot taken presumably in the ’80s, with the caption indicating that the men had hardly changed their attire since they were students at Harvard circa 1960. Of course, it’s possible then went all shaggy in the ’70s and then returned to their roots during the preppy ’80s. From the book “A Privileged Life.” — CC

Deerfield Academy Home Movie, 1966

An Ivy Style Facebook group member dug up this fantastic video shot at the prep school Deerfield in 1966, which was only rediscovered last year. It’s a combination of “Take Ivy” and “Dead Poets Society” come to life, with soccer, extensive shots of nature and architecture in the first half, and then tremendous sartorial variations

When Allan Sherman Was A Lad

An entertaining comic number about going off to Yale during the heyday, sung to the tune of a Gilbert & Sullivan classic.