When Allan Sherman Was A Lad

An entertaining comic number about going off to Yale during the heyday, sung to the tune of a Gilbert & Sullivan classic.

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  1. Love to see DCG perform it on 44th Street.

  2. Speaking of the Millenial Fogey, I would like give him a nod on Veterans Day. It is tough to maintain “the look” overseas, working in a hot, desert-y environment (Madras and seersucker year-round, hooray!) But I can always tell when DCG has had a hand in shipping my J. Press order because he writes a thoughtful “thank you for your service” note on the packing slip. It is a gesture that always brightens my day!

    Thank you, Mr. Greenwood. You are a class act and I look forward to visiting you at the new flagship next time I happen upon New York City!



  3. “He honed a lot of pencils” eh?

    My no name Protestant liberal arts college’s FA dept performed G&S so frequently for formals that I get a nervous tick anytime I hear their associated tunes. Gotta love the “Modern Major General.”

  4. The link above didn’t work, but this one did:


  5. Gary,

    A mere note of thanks is absolutely the least I can do to express my gratitude to you and to all men and women in uniform serving our country. God bless and keep you!


  6. The lady doth protest too much, methinks.

  7. Same troll is hacking Gravatar accounts and leaving snide remarks. There were a couple under my name. Be warned.

  8. R. Hanauer’s Sherman Stripes Christmas Bowtie


    I’ll wear it during the Christmas season in honor of Allan

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