Dignity Again.

The passing of Sidney Poitier is being covered, rightfully, in such detail and so well elsewhere that I would only be dragging the remembrances down with my own respect.  Here is the NY Times obituary, a good place to start.     I heard a story this weekend too about dignity that I wanted to share. 

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From The Editor

  Ivy is a fashion born of a mindset manifested in a lifestyle.  There are values attached:  dignity, the value and power of thought, ethics, hard work, aesthetics, appreciation of all things classic, and the dogged pursuit of excellence.   While Ivy evolves (I haven’t worn socks since Easter) the values don’t.  If you are a

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From The Archives

The End Is Here: An Ivy Style Jeans Post

Warning: denim Hard to believe that the season of glad tidings a good cheer was just two weeks ago. Has anyone else noticed an above-normal level of persnickety punctiliousness in what is considered acceptable to wear? Recently discussions have included rep ties, signet rings and critter stuff, and there’s certainly no shortage of self-appointed fashion

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Hollywood Propaganda

There aren’t many movies from my youth I actually remember going to see, but “Back To The Future” is one of them. It was the summer between junior high and high school, and I was filled with the sense of having completed an awkward trial and was eagerly anticipating what lay ahead. A friend said

Boys Town

On several occasions throughout Ivy Style’s tenure we’ve referred to this post, which originally ran in 2009. It remains a valuable pop culture document of what Spring Break used to be like, when young gentlemen wore blazers and ladies wore dresses, when romantic encounters were at least nominally aimed at being long-term, and when avant-garde

Post Number 666: Rosemary’s Baby, 1968

It surely strikes many of us that the devil is everywhere triumphant. And so in the spirit of satanic inversion we revisit post #666. Light the fire-and-brimstone-scented candles, put on Berlioz’ “Witches’ Sabbath” (or maybe the Rolling Stones’ “Sympathy For The Devil”), and behold this tribute to the 1968 movie “Rosemary’s Baby.” In the Roman

Women’s Day: What I Learned From Penelope Witherspoon

Today, on International Women’s Day, Ivy Style pays tribute to an iconic character from preppy cinema.   * * * Back when Caroline was learning from Sloane how to navigate the intermediate to upper courses of adult life and communications, I had Penelope Witherspoon from Trading Places (1983) to teach me the ropes. Although she

Whit Stillman On Clothing

Filmmaker and Harvard alum Whit Stillman — known for the preppy classic “Metropolitan” — is just as opinionated as anyone when it comes to clothes. As he told Brookly-based The L Magazine: “Take Ivy” looks terrible. I’ve never worn sneakers or sweatshirts in my life. I decided the moment I graduated from college that I

The Award-Winning Style Of Sidney Poitier

Ivy Style continues its decade-long honoring of Black History Month with a tribute to Sidney Poitier. The actor, who is aged 93, hails from the Bahamas and also served as the Bahamian ambassador to Japan. In 1964 he became the first man of African descent to win the Best Actor award for his performance in “Lilies

A Tiger Among The Bootleggers

A decade ago, HBO brought us the loosely historic “Boardwalk Empire,” a hit period drama by Martin Scorsese and Mark Wahlberg starring Steve Buscemi. Overflowing with illegal scotch and homicidal blood, the program was nominated for scores of Emmys and is worth checking out if you missed it the first time around. Focusing on Atlantic

Take This Post And Snicket

Deciding on the right thing to do in a situation is a bit like deciding on the right thing to wear to a party… It might seem right to wear a navy blue suit, for instance, but when you arrive there could be several other people wearing the same thing, and you could end up

Good Love Gone Bad: “Love Story” Turns 50

On December 16, Love Story starring Ali MacGraw and Ryan O’Neal had its golden anniversary, meaning that it was released fifty years ago.  Have you recovered from the shock? Good. As all Ivy-Style readers know, the clothing has held up. I recently wore the dark turtleneck, khaki skirt, and knee-high boots combo made iconic by

License Revoked: John Gavin, Almost a 007

Take a look at the guy above: Mild-mannered schoolteacher, or James Bond, license to kill? Pictured here are screenshots from the 1961 saccharine-fest “Tammy Tell Me True,” a sequel to the equally tooth-rotting “Tammy,” whose title song was a hit for Pat Boone, which pretty much says it all. In the follow-up, Sandra Dee stars