J. Press & Fox Flannel

Earlier this week J. Press hosted two events that I was unable to attend, but Laura Arnold took some great photos for me.  The events were in DC and NY, and featured the made to measure work that J. Press is doing with Fox Flannel.   Let’s start with Fox Flannel.     In looking through

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From The Editor

  Ivy is a fashion born of a mindset manifested in a lifestyle.  There are values attached:  dignity, the value and power of thought, ethics, hard work, aesthetics, appreciation of all things classic, and the dogged pursuit of excellence.   While Ivy evolves (I haven’t worn socks since Easter) the values don’t.  If you are a

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From The Archives

The Future Of The Past

I have been spending some time with J. Crew lately, following the new Creative Director Brendon Babenzian, who is taking his turn at reviving a brand with updated Ivy.   I note that the companies who never stepped off Ivy in the first place also never needed to revive anything with updated anything.  Still, Babenzian seems

Woody Springsteen

  James sent me this.  It is Springsteen.  It is not Woody Allen.  You can kinda see his earring, that’ll be our differentiator.  The Boss wears Ivy with an earring.

The WOCBD Starter Kit

(While I marvel at some people’s need to avoid civility whilst expressing a different opinion, let’s try the paywall links, marked as such, and if it works then great – many thanks to those who were able to be civil during this process.  One of the things that I wanted to do with this site

Ivy Notes S1 Last One Of The Season For Real This Time

Sorry, but everyone has been sending in such good stuff, and I don’t want it to get stale. First, a word about linking.   I think the smartest policy is this, but as with Ad Men, I could be wrong.  We don’t link to paywalls because if I were the reader and I followed a link

An Example Of How To Do… Just About Everything.

If you want Ivy bona fides, this is all you need to know.  I walked into the sales offices of St John Bay Rum Company in Ridgefield CT a few minutes early, and asked Rhys Moore for a picture.   He swung around and grabbed a tie, and proceeded to tie it PERFECTLY while holding

Kazuo Hozumi’s Illustrated Ivy… In English

You can learn all about Mr. Hozumi’s extensive career illustrating the elements of Ivy Style here.  In September Mr. Hozumi’s Illustrated Ivy will be released.  From the publisher – Since the 1960s, Kazuo Hozumi has documented the minutiae of Ivy League-style clothing. His  cheerful characters are shown wearing button down shirts, buckle-back chinos, natural shoulder 

Ivy Notes, S1 – Last One Of The Year UPDATED

Yes, there has been a slight downtick in August.  Not of readership, oddly enough, but of verbiage.  I was taking a minute.  But one more week, then we go back to at least four posts a week.  With actual words.  More than 78 of them. Mitchell sent me a few good things to take a

If A Butterfly Flaps Its Wings In The Tie Department

As per Marc Chevalier, the WOCBD was a close call.     Speaking of Brooks, I went to the website just to see what is cooking for the fall.  This young man was at least wearing a bow tie on the home page, and I wanted to celebrate the win.  Things of note – the

Postum Partem

The Ivy League has been used to sell a lot of things, not just clothes.  Old School was kind enough to send me this:     Postum is interesting stuff.  Or was, you don’t see it around anymore.  It is roasted wheat bran and molasses, and was used as a coffee alternative.  It may have

Please join me in welcoming…

I am pleased to announce that Mountain & Sackett have joined the site as advertisers.  Please click on their logo and start shopping.  You can read about them here, as well.  American made, highest quality.