Jazz Appreciation Month: Jazz On Campus Album Covers

Mon 22 Apr 2013 - Filed under: Jazz — Christian
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April is Jazz Appreciation Month. If you’d forgotten, here’s an easy way to remember.

In its honor, here’s a gallery of album covers from the Ivy heyday, when jazz was king of the campus. — CC (Continue)

It Might As Well Be Spring

Fri 22 Mar 2013 - Filed under: Jazz — Christian
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Last night on the quiz show “Jeopardy!” there was a jazz category. The contestants left it for last and then failed to answer a single question. America’s classical music, indeed.

On New Year’s Eve I made a resolution to work on my jazz piano chops. It’s the only resolution I’ve kept through March. My girlfriend made the same resolution, so I’ve been rewatching Ken Burns’ documentary with her. Check it out if you haven’t seen it.

Now I’m not suggesting you need to be like me and Bruce, Richard, Charlie and Alan and get hep to the jive. But really, why be an ickaroo any longer? — CC

What do you think of jazz?


Hollywood Style: Before The Golf Swing, The Other Kind Of Swing

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Last night I was sitting around with the girlfriend pulling up videos on YouTube and trying to explain the difference between swing, jump blues and rockabilly. I went looking for a band I knew from San Francisco and stumbled across a blast from my past: Two recently uploaded clips about an independent movie called “Swing” I worked on over a decade ago.

It was my 15 minutes of Hollywood fame, minus the fame. (Continue)


Merry Christmas From Ivy Style

Sat 22 Dec 2012 - Filed under: Jazz — Christian
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Merry Christmas, Charlie Brown. — CC


Brooks Clothes & White Shoes: Harvard Blues, 1941

Mon 17 Dec 2012 - Filed under: 1920s-'40s,Historic Texts,Jazz — Christian
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On our recent white bucks and grey flannels post, Bruce Boyer left a comment mentioning the song “Harvard Blues.” Considering it’s been on our editorial calendar for about four years, I’d say it’s high time we do a post on it.

The song, recorded in 1941 by Count Basie, opens with these immortal lines:

I wear Brooks clothes and white shoes all the time

I wear Brooks clothes and white shoes all the time

Get three “Cs,” a “D” and think checks from home sublime

The lyrics were written by George Frazier, best pal of The Andover Shop’s Charlie Davidson. Odd then that when they played the duende game, they always placed Basie second fiddle to Ellington.

I’ll leave you with one more quote on white bucks and flannels, this time from Elizabeth Hawes’ 1939 book “Men Can Take It.” — CC

At Harvard they have something called “white-shoe boys.” I gather it is okay to be one if you feel that way. It appears to be the Harvard idea carried to its furthest extreme. These are the sloppiest and worst-dressed of all the Harvard men, I was told. They wear dirty black and white shoes which turn up at the toes, black or white socks and gray flannels, very unpressed, tweed coats — and collars and ties, of course… The thing that distinguishes a “white-shoe boy” is his shoes — and the fact he has the guts to wear them ansd still feel okay socially.

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