The Button-Down Sound: Jazz Radio Broadcast With CC Tonight At 9PM/6 Pacific


Tonight at 9pm Eastern/6 pm Pacific I’ll be the guest on Jazz Advance, an online radio show hosted by, the oldest Internet radio site.

To tune in, simply head here at the appointed time and press play at the top of the page. And if you’re otherwise engaged, the show will be archived and available for listening at your convenience.

The host of Jazz Advance is Jeffrey Plansker, who has been a longtime reader of Ivy Style. Jeffrey lives in LA and directs television commercials. One of his most recent projects was for Mercedes-Benz and made clever use of tennis great Roger Federer, imagining him as a player in different eras of history. It’s great fun and you can see it on YouTube here.

Jeffrey approached me and asked if I’d like to put together a playlist for the show. You may remember the Spotify playlist I created last year. But whereas that one explored different musical genres that occured during the heyday of the Ivy League Look, this one is strictly jazz. I chose 25 tracks with that cool West Coast sound that really epitomizes the mid-’50s. For those of you new to jazz, I think it’s pretty accessible as the music is more melodic and arranged than much of the hard-driving East Coast stuff, and also includes a broader range of instruments, such as flute, associated with the traditional classical music orchestra.

Jeffrey also interviewed me at length about music and style, and my comments will be interspersed among the tracks. I’ll be tuning in live myself and will be here for banter, questions, and commentary! — CHRISTIAN CHENSVOLD

15 Comments on "The Button-Down Sound: Jazz Radio Broadcast With CC Tonight At 9PM/6 Pacific"

  1. A Bridge Too Far | October 5, 2016 at 12:43 pm |

    I was about to say “break a leg,” but the show’s already been recorded. Oh, well.

    The Roger Federer Mercedes commercial is a classic. I saw it when it first came out during the US Open and we all had a good laugh.

    Looking forward to your jazz interview and playlist on Friday night!

  2. whiskeydent | October 5, 2016 at 4:51 pm |

    Before I started reading your blog, I would never have connected the Ivy look with bee-boppers and beatniks. I guess that’s why I never did burn, burn, burn like fabulous Roman candles.

  3. I do like jazz; nothing beats ol Lester Lanin

  4. Looking forward to this.

  5. … so, I’m sure, we can all look forward to a couple of hours on the musical and sartorial stylings of Kenny G?

  6. Bags' Groove | October 6, 2016 at 5:01 am |

    Unless you were being naughtily ironic, WFBjr, you omitted “in the non-challenging category”.
    Very possibly, Ol’Nippy, judging by CC’s Spotify list. Much I’d never have expected to be there; not for someone who has an image of Bill Evans on his wall.

  7. I am here.

  8. Me too! Jeffrey’s put together a great, polished show and the sound is fantastic on my computer (hope everyone else has good sound, too). There’ll be some more quotes from me coming up I guess.

    Can’t believe I forgot to tell Charlie about this. Just emailed his daughter. At least he can hear the archive.

  9. If you’re just tuning in, Jeffrey is mixing my mellow playlist with some hard-driving bop stuff for contrast.

  10. I saw the instagram page and the Facebook page. I noticed that The Jazz On A Summer Day story was on his Facebook page.

  11. There are a couple of songs in my playlist that have gripped and obsessed me recently, and one of them is what we just heard, “Baubles, Bangles, and Beads.” It’s a song I first learned of through Marlene Dietrich, when she was doing Las Vegas shows along with Noel Coward and the Rat Pack.

    The harmonies and arrangement of the two flautists — did I spell that right? it’s not often one gets to use that word — are just fantastic. This one will get in your head and pleasantly haunt you for some time, and can be heard on YouTube here:

  12. Can we get a link to the archive of the show when it is up?

  13. If anyone wants to hear older shows

  14. Christian, a sick baby had to come first Friday night but I eagerly await a link to that show. That B, B & B track was just right after a long day (great pairing with a scotch and soda too) and I look forward to catching the rest of your selections. Have you heard the legendary sessions with Bill Evans and Chet Baker, btw? Great stuff. Seems up your alley.

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