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I’ve recently begun writing for The Gentleman’s Journal, a London-based luxury magazine with close ties to the financial industry (the founder is a young private equity guy). They just launched a US version of their website, and thus have an inatiable appetite for what we in the media business call “content.” The magazine will be a bit flashy for die-hard trads (yachts, supercars, exotic locales — basically the world of James Bond), but so far they’re letting me do what I want, and when there’s something I think you’d enjoy, I’ll share it here.

First up is a piece called “Rock Steady” on the art of the slow dance.


I’ve mentioned before that for many years I’ve been a swing and ballroom dancer and used to do a lot of teaching. Even if you don’t want to go that far, being able to pull off a simple slow dance is one of those gentlemanly skills you ought to have. In golf they say that you’ve developed a sound swing not when there’s anything left to add, but when there’s nothing left to take away. Slow dancing is kind of like that. You don’t want to be marching around on every beat while gyrating your hips and pumping your arm up and down. That’s not how Cary Grant would do it, so let’s start by getting rid of any inclinations you might have to do that kind of stuff.

Head over here to the Gentleman’s Journal to read the piece, and get ready for the upcoming holiday parties and New Year’s Eve. — CC

Top image from “Seven Sisters Style” by Rebecca C. Tuite.

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  1. That link doesn’t appear to work for me. Do you have an alternate I could try?

  2. See update note at top of story. Link is glitching and they’re working on it. Might eventually load now if you wait a few seconds. Is currently working off and on for me in multiple browsers.

    Rotten timing and sorry about that.

  3. While we’re waiting for things to iron out, this classic slow dance clip referenced above:

    My personal classic slow dance clip that eclipses all:

    Too tepid? this fevered classic clip


  4. I learned to dance from my three older sisters’ girl friends. I can home from school one Thursday, day before the first fall dance in junior high, I was 14. It was the first time I ever had a “date”. As I came through the front door, I saw that all the furniture and rugs had been removed from our living room. Needless to say, I was in shock to see eight high school girls there, their mission was to teach me to dance. They did.
    I’ll never forget what Nancy, a local Catholic HS cheerleader, a girl every guy in the neighborhood had a crush on, told me as she taught me to slow dance. She said, “Never just rock back and forth, use the dance floor and take your partner on an adventure.”
    Never got to date Nancy, she’s four years older than I, but dated her sister. I have danced with Nancy over the years at weddings, she is still hot.

  5. Do you spell your last name differently now?

  6. @Christian

    Very sound advice for young men who wish to swing a dashed efficient shoe.


  7. DBD

    That’s a fun site, thanks.

  8. elder prep | March 5, 2019 at 8:33 pm |

    Good basics for those not experienced in terpsichorean skills.

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