Blue Notes: Ethan Hawke’s Chet Baker Biopic Opens


Ivy Style has been reporting for years on Don Cheadle’s Miles Davis biopic (which is finally going to be released), but who knew there was a Chet Baker film in development?

Apparently we knew, and I’d forgotten all about it. And this weekend it opened. “Born To Be Blue” stars Ethan Hawke as the jazz trumpeter and close confidant (or rather “clothes confidant”) of Charlie Davidson of The Andover Shop.


The film has received good notices. Here’s a write-up in The Village Voice. And here’s a piece on Chet I did for The Rake a few years ago, for which I interviewed Charlie.

Hawke has played preppy before, as “Dead Poet’s Society” was one of his first films. He’s now officially a jazz-Ivy actor.

Below are a couple more stills from “Born To Be Blue.” And for those of you unfamiliar with his music, why not start here? — CC

born blue 1

born blue 2

3 Comments on "Blue Notes: Ethan Hawke’s Chet Baker Biopic Opens"

  1. He can play tragedy, like ‘Before the Devil Knows You’re Dead’, so I have high hopes for this film. Even if just for the furniture, which I’m sure they’ll get right regardless.

  2. Is the article trying to imply that Chet Baker dressed well? He was one of the worst-dressed musicians of his era. Anyone who doesn’t believe it should take a look at Bruce Weber’s wonderful film about him, circa 1988.

  3. Agreed, though Charlie Davidson provide him with some clothes (which he probably sold for drug money). He looks good on the cover of Chet Baker in New York; no doubt the photographer or record label made him clean up.

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