Soft Shoulder Shuffle By The Hook Vents

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hvLast week something new shook the foundations of the sedate community of Tradsville — a rockin’ blues band called The Hook Vents.

The coolest thing about the band and their tune “Soft Shoulder Shuffle” is that the musicians were never in the recording studio together. They simply laid down their tracks individuallly and emailed them to the “producer,” who threw it all together and, voila, out came music.

The song was posted on the “Talk Ivy” forum and the virtual band consists of usernames “Zarjazz,” “Worried Man” and “Harpo.”

There are still a few things to work out as the band finds its voice. For example, the name will certainly be obscure for a larger audience (then again, weird, even nonsensical names have never seemed to hurt rock bands). There is also little confusion with the band’s iconography, as they’re called The Hook Vents but their web page is covered in Weejuns.

Congrats to band for this brilliant stroke of originality. Look for them on tour (the campus circuit) with opening act The Undarted.

Below are the lyrics to “Soft Shoulder Shuffle.” — CC

This here’s the soft shoulder shuffle, I do it all the time
The rags I wear may be old, but they’re looking mighty fine

Button down collar with a button in back, when the ladies pass by
They know I’ve really got the knack

Strides pressed and clean and barely touchin’ my shoes
With that Ivy League Look you know you just can’t lose

Herringbone tweed with a 3/2 roll
Come along baby now let’s take a little stroll

If it’s cool outside don’t you worry one bit
Just take my mohair sweater and cuddle up in it

All the cats on the street know there ain’t no other way
Gather round boys, here’s what I have to say

Do the soft shoulder shuffle
(3-2 roll)
Do the soft shoulder shuffle
(It’s good for the soul)
Do the soft shoulder shuffle
Oh yeah
You do the soft shoulder shuffle
(Come on now)
You learn the soft shoulder shuffle and you always be feeling fine

Now all you sloppy dressing silly lookin’ men
Take a lesson from me, ‘cuz I’ll say it once again

You need a flannel suit and a slim knit tie
A hopsack blazer and now you’re really gettin’ by

It’s a stubborn look, just won’t go out of style
If you follow my advice, it’s sure to make you smile

Do the soft shoulder shuffle
(Soft shoulder shuffle)
Do the soft shoulder shuffle
Oh yeah
Do the soft shoulder shuffle
(Herringbone tweed)
Do the soft shoulder shuffle
(All that you need)
You do the soft shoulder shuffle and you always be feelin’ fine

My Way: Section Of West 77th Named For Miles Davis

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Today, on Miles Davis’ birthday, a section of West 77th Street is being christened Miles Davis Way. The jazz legend made his home there for 25 years.

Davis will always hold a special place here, as it was in the summer of 2008, while on assignment for Ralph Lauren Magazine doing a piece about when Miles wore buttondowns and loafers, that I got the inspiration to continue exploring the past and present of the Ivy League Look by founding this website.

In other Davis news, Don Cheadle’s long-gestating biopic has apparently finally gotten the green light, though alas it won’t be set in the heyday of neither the trumpeter nor the Ivy League Look.

Finally, the image above from an email by Rock Paper Photo, which offers “fine art photography for the pop culture fanatic.” — CC


The Marketing Man Who Made Jazz And Ivy Cool

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Commenting on our article “Is Ivy Cool?” reader “Camford” asked, “Are cigarettes and jazz cool?” I cannot say whether they are cool. Well, I could, but I won’t, as my physician, insurance agent and childhood music teacher might be reading this article. But I believe they are both addictive and potentially lethal.

When I was young and impressionable, I saw a jazz documentary on my local PBS station and have never been the same since. Years later I learned it was Bert Stern’s smoked-infused 1958 bacchanalia “Jazz On A Summer’s Day.” It should have come with a warning label. To this day I struggle with the compulsion to drink Rheingold beer and dance on rooftops, an endeavor I know is as foolhardy as a Lucky Strike habit.



The Heyday Christmas Turntable

Sat 21 Dec 2013 - Filed under: Jazz — Christian
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The time for Christmas cheer is once again upon us and Ivy Style is here to help you celebrate in midcentury manner. When one thinks of the Christmas season, one of the first things to spring to mind is music. With that in mind, here’s a look back at some worthy old chestnuts, standards and rare gems from the heyday. (Continue)


Room For Squares: Kamakura’s Handkerchiefs & Neckties

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We’ll conclude the recent batch of Kamakura-versus-Brooks discussion (aka the “buttondown showdown”) with a couple of photos snapped yesterday in the Madison Avenue store.

The shop may be small, but it still has room for some newly arrived pocket squares and wool neckties, in addition to all the shirts. (Continue)


This Day In 1959

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claxton coltrane

…. the Guggenheim Museum opened.

One year later William Claxton took the above photo of jazz saxophonist John Coltrane. A previous Ivy Style tribute to Coltrane (and the Claxton photo shoot) is here, while a post on striped sportcoats is here.

As for posts on buttondown-collared shirts, Mr. Erik J. has weighed in on the new “FIGHT!” (the term he used on Twitter) between Brooks Brothers and Kamakura Shirts for your oxford dollars. — CC


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