Just Sayin’

The system does work, voices do matter, and sometimes we get it right.. Photo Credit: By United States Senate – https://www.senate.gov/index.htm, Public Domain, https://commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?curid=63532525

It’s What They’re Choosing NOT To Do

Was having dinner with my daughter last night and she was telling me about her ethics class. They were posed with a dilemma – you are conducting a train and you learn that you are going to crash into five people OR you can switch tracks and only kill one person. But you are choosing

Dress rehearsal

Editor’s Note: Again all gratitude to Dan Covell. Great piece, perfect time of year for it. Also photo selection credit: Dan Covell. Every year around this time, as a new school year commences, I get the urge to re-watch “The Paper Chase.” You likely know of it – the 1973 film that depicts the struggles

On The Senate Dress Code

Editor’s Note: This is not a political site anymore, it is a club where we speak civilly and think hard. Please be mindful of same in your comments to this post. If you are not new to the site, forgive my repeating the story, but if you are new, here’s what happened. About a decade

A Great Story From The FB Group

Editor’s Note: MANY thanks to Mr. Jim Moore for this great photo and an even better story. Classic Ivy. In the spring of 1988, Jos. A Bank was a middle-income man’s version of Brooks Brothers: its undarted coats featured a 3/2 closure and a center hook vent, its button-down collars rolled admirably, and their tailors

Can We Talk Boxers?

Unless you count the hybrid shoes that, despite Ivy-Style’s best efforts seem to be coming back, and maybe velcro but only on foul weather gear, the greatest innovation in men’s fashion over the last 50 years has to be the boxer brief and yet it gets very little love. Let us repair that breach. Boxer

Holy Ivy-Style

From Steve Getman, perhaps the greatest Ivy Style photo of all time. And from the MIGHTY Anthony Kalamut, a quick laugh:

A Q&A With Bill Thomas, Founder of PennBilt

Editor’s Note: Many thanks to Mitchell for this Q&A. PennBilt has been featured on the site, we welcome them now as an advertiser. Please click through and check out the next step in khakis, and some badass gloves. Recently, I called PennBilt customer service with a question about khakis never expecting to have Bill Thomas

Ivy Notes S3 E1

For those of you who got that message from J. Press that they have gone all digital, fear not. Leave them your address and a paper catalog will be sent. And DO leave them your address. Jacket and Khakis = Duck Head. Shoes = Sperry. Stay tuned for a great series of reviews of over

The Bill Stops Here

I don’t even need to introduce him or his work. The site is here. Bill. Bills Khaki’s. Now, on his own, free form. More in the next few days. But for now, welcome PennBilt to Ivy-Style.

West Coast Ivy Labor Day

FB Group member and #IvyGirl Colleen F. Montoya shared her Labor Day Pot Luck BBQ pictures, as hosted by herself and her husband. Thought you would want to see this. And THAT is West Coast Ivy. Top to bottom:– Earrings handmade by Charlotte Lynn Begay from Santo Domingo Pueblo in New Mexico– RL Polo madras

The More Things Change…

The J. Press Pennant Label brought about a very interesting conversation about evolving Ivy. It’s kind of a moot point, it has already happened, but hopefully this helps the few remaining who are struggling. Ivy started as a fashion innovation. People weren’t wearing loafers with shorts and no socks in the 40’s. Ivy was one

Just Did An Ivy-Style Podcast With G. Bruce Boyer And…

In it, I asked him what he would do differently if he had my job. He said he really enjoyed “service series” where we compare and contrast different offerings in a category. Khakis, jackets, whatever. Boyer says jump, Burton asks how high? So, we are going to do it. I have categories laid out, but

346 Madison Avenue

Editor’s note: The following piece, written by Daniel D. Covell, touched me. When I started at NW Ayer in 1986, Brooks Brothers was aspirational. I would go in not to buy, because I couldn’t, but I would go in to know what to aim for. Not all nostalgia is backward thinking as we have been

A Man Of The Cloth

Editor’s Note: Next week esteemed author and Ivy-Style contributor Daniel D. Covell is publishing a piece here about the closed Brooks flagship store in Manhattan. In research, he spoke to his brother, Rev. Brian Covell, about the Reverend’s own experience working at Brooks. The following are his recollections, and lessons. In the late 1990s, while

Is There Such A Thing As Ivy-Appropriation?

So Mitchell was the first to send me this email he got from a company claiming they were Southern Ivy. I reached out to the company and they have not responded. Over the years I have met with resistance on introducing new items into the canon. We have come a long way on that. But