What Is Happening At Harvard?

There is a Crimson elephant in the room that, while I wouldn’t walk under it, does deserve a good look and a peanut. This is the first paragraph of Claudine Gay’s resignation letter: Dear Members of the Harvard Community, It is with a heavy heart but a deep love for Harvard that I write to

Winter Madras

Sorry for the vacation – sick as a dog but back at it hard now. Flannel is a tricky fabric for Ivy. On the one hand, natural fiber so it has that going for it. It has a VERY desirable weight – there are days where I don’t feel like throwing on a sweater. And

Some Uplift

Thanks Chris for this amazing article. (It is paywalled but you can read it free if you create an account). The gist is that a third grade boy started wearing a suit to school, then his best friend joined him, then a 55 year old music teacher joined him, and now this entire elementary school

“Celebrate and be glad”

Editor’s Note: We are treated again to another amazing post from contributor Daniel D. Covell. You can buy his latest book here. That’s him on the home page 🙂 I’ve done two things in the last few weeks that I haven’t done in years: Read a work of fiction and watched a film at a

Ivy Times

Feature photo is the 1989 Spring J Crew catalog cover. That image directed the way I dressed ever since. Two articles in the NY Times that were sent to me, if you don’t have a subscription I will summarize. (thanks to my friend Richard for – ) The first is an article about J Crew’s

Ivy-Style Holiday Buying Guide Chapter One

Somebody in the comments a few weeks back lamented that Ivy Style will eventually die because “nothing lasts forever.” Every once in a while we get into the weeds about whether Ivy existed pre-HeyDay. I give you the Letterman Jacket. Born in 1865 at Harvard, this iconic piece has not only survived for, like, ever.

Jay Butler Black Friday NOW

This is an untouched photo taken today of my brown Jay Butlers. They are three years old now and they get worn minimum three days a week, most weeks more than that. I got a compliment yesterday on them. These shoes live forever because of the quality of both the leather and the craftsmanship. And

The Next Great Ivy Book

You can buy the book here. Or you can win a copy here. From the website: “Miles, Chet, Ralph, & Charlie tells the story of the Andover Shop, and how our co-founder Charlie Davidson transformed a tiny store into an unlikely literary and cultural salon that brought together musicians like Miles Davis, Chet Baker, and Bobby

J. Press & The Cultural Relevance Of Ivy Style and more…

Last week J. Press, at the forefront of reigniting the cultural relevance of Ivy, hosted a party to launch the Wooden Sleepers shop inside the J. Press Pennant Label store at 501 Madison Ave. This is just the latest in a number of steps by Press and others in the direction of evolving Ivy for

“A thing to be desired”

Editor’s Note: ALWAYS grateful to Daniel D. Covell for his remarkable contributions to the site, including this piece. The piece is geared toward a pregame release – The Game takes place Saturday, November 18. Gratitude also for the images Mr. Covell provided. An email from J. Press popped up in my inbox a few days

A Brooks Tale

Editor’s Note: Reprinted with permission from the FB group by member Jim Moore, who is an English Teacher and Squash Coach at Blair Academy. That’s him pictured. It is almost too easy to pile on to Brooks Brothers these days; we all, it seems, have a story about how this once great firm, to whose

St Johns, The Stones, and Save10

If you are on St Johns mailing list you are gonna get a great email today. If you are not, go here now and sign up. The Rolling Stones are releasing a new album today. And, if you use the code THANKYOU10 on St Johns site? 10% off! Have a great weekend. – JB

Punting Football

That cover shot is the Princeton Football team of 1885. I used to LOVE football. My high school didn’t have it, and I probably would have have been that good at it. I did dislocate my shoulder playing pickup though once. At college there were two ways to meet ladies, one was to play football

Real World Applications

John, Attached is a photo of my father wearing his daily work attire. Hewas a career civil servant who rose to be in charge of the Federal Budgetat Budget Bureau/OMB. He was known for his bow ties and my memoryis that he was the only one who wore them in the office. The picture is from a

Take A Bow

The Amazing Tom sent me an article about Patrick McHenry and the history of bow ties in American politics. (Paywall alert.) It’s one of a number of articles about Mr. McHenry and his bow ties, almost all of which describe the bow tie as in one way or another bygone. I really don’t understand why

Set Sail with St Johns

This is so Ivy. For the month of October, $1 from every purchase goes to the Navy Safe Harbor Foundation. From the web site: MISSION:NSHF assists with non-medical resources not available through government funding. The assistance is designed to optimize the success of the warrior’s recovery and rehabilitation. NSHF aims to ensure that every enrolled