Is There Such A Thing As Ivy-Appropriation?

So Mitchell was the first to send me this email he got from a company claiming they were Southern Ivy. I reached out to the company and they have not responded. Over the years I have met with resistance on introducing new items into the canon. We have come a long way on that. But

Back To The Things That Could Be Ivy But Aren’t YET Discussion.

Some great submissions, thought I would organize them here and see if there are any more. Mitchell wrote about the Fun Shirt, but I think that IS in the canon, yeah? Elder Prep suggested cargo pants. This is a great suggestion. Utilitarian. For years they were all I wore in the winter on jobs. And

The A Shirt – A Classic To Be Added To The Canon

Ivy Icon Paul Newman in the A Shirt. Classic Fella sells an A Shirt that I tried, then researched, and now submit for addition. First, the case for addition. Exhibit A Exhibit B Exhibit C – not as Ivy as some but the 2nd best Christmas movie of all time. So the A Shirt is

Meet A Classic Fella

It takes a set of brass —-s to make the decision that Stephen Powell made. (Don’t worry, I am calling back the brass —- joke in a minute.) Some background. Powell was raised in a small town in northern Mississippi by an optometrist father and an accountant mother. The view of the world from this

Poll Question

What’s an innovation (leather loafers without socks) or a product (turquoise inlay belt buckle) that is not part of the canon that you would vote yay on if presented for consideration?

Ivy Notes S2-E9

Received a note for my birthday last week that said that the site “relaxes me.” Was particularly happy about that. That’s a good space to have in an internet designed to make you mad. Been lively here the last couple of days. So I went on the American Bar Associations site to see what the

If P.J. O’Rourke Can Do It…

Max Brewer, who makes a brilliant point, also noted that this is ” USMC M1942 Frogspot Camo. If there is an Ivy Camo, this is it.…” Click here to revisit the Duck Head Camo Chino.

Duck Head University – A Legacy Brand Triumphs.

Duck Head has done something remarkable that I wanted to bring to your attention. We have seen how not to reinvigorate a legacy brand (ahem) right? This release from Duck Head is a masterclass in how TO do it. Let me explain. The Fall/Winter Collection just got released and I had a chance to review

Reflections On 60.

Today is my 60th birthday. I went to the gym, came home, showered, and put on shorts and a white ocbd. While I was doing so, it occurred to me that this is probably my most Ivy year yet. The author at 60, pre-gym, no filters. Why? Because you can dress a lot of things

Dress Codes and Common Courtesies

Editor’s note: Mr. Michael J. Connolly grew up in Essex, MA and is now a professor of history in Indiana. Mr. Connolly is a regular contributor to Imaginative Conservative as well. His piece was a very timely submission, as I have evolved too with civility and how to reinforce it here. As I enter my

Is There A Debt Here Really?

You see, here in the comments and on the FB group, a lot about the debt that Ivy owes to the UK. Is that true though? First, you have to start with what Ivy is. Ivy isn’t Trad, right? Ivy has Trad in it. Sushi has rice in it but we don’t call it rice.

An Amazing Tom Round Up

Once again, The Amazing Tom provides a round-up of Ivy-relevant articles for us. Up first is this article in the Wall Street Journal about mixing patterns. I have a simple rule for myself, DON’T. Unless it is a tie. Then, never stripes with stripes. Some people pull it off, I am not amongst them. In

G. Bruce Boyer riffs on Riffs

On my other show Home From Here, Mr. Boyer called in and we did an hour sampling and talking about some of the music in his new book, Riffs, which is available on Amazon here. Riffs by G. Bruce Boyer He was an amazing guest, and we covered a breadth of topics. We purposely stayed

How We Roll

Editor’s Note: Chris Collins sends hilarious emails, is a very good guy, and sent in this piece about sleeve rolling, for which we are grateful. To roll up or not?  Your shirt sleeves, and the ‘whether to’ or ‘if at all’ discussion about when they can and should be rolled up is either an interesting

Lauren Just Went Un-Ivy

The Amazing Tom just sent me an article that stepped me back a bit. Fodder for discussion. Here’s the article. They say the right thing. That they are elevating the product, the storytelling. And I think they have. Lauren’s recent projects directed toward inclusion are fantastic. BUT. The article states that Lauren, over the last

An Interesting Exercise And An Ask For Advice.

Editor’s Note: Topic courtesy of Pier Francesco Verlato of the FB Group. Looking forward to your notes. Charles Bellinger, who has written for the site, got some very good news and now has an interesting problem. Any thoughts?

The Man Makes The Clothing

Editor’s Note: We once again are treated to the brilliant writing of Daniel D. Covell, to whom we are always grateful for both his books and his submissions here. Paul Winston, whose family owned the well-regarded Ivy Style purveyor Chipp, said of John F. Kennedy, Jr., “Kennedy was a handsome and important man.  That old