Rebirth Of The Cool


PowerHouse Books, publishers of “Take Ivy,” are getting ready to release another book chronicling midcentury life on the East Coast. “Rebirth of the Cool: Discover the Art of Robert James Campbell” features mostly photos of jazz musicians, along with various shots of life in New York City by a photographer, as the title suggests, in the process of being discovered/rediscovered.

The book is due out December 15, but powerHouse was kind enough to give us an advance peek.

I don’t wear glasses, but there’s always been a geek-chic cool for me about seeing ’50s and ’60s guys in their conservative suits, glasses and haicuts playing hip, challenging and intellectual music.

Listen to some jazz today. It’ll put a spring in your step — or rather a swing. — CHRISTIAN CHENSVOLD




All images courtesy of powerHouse Books.


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  1. Worried Man | October 8, 2015 at 9:04 am |

    Excellent stuff.

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