Johnnie Pate Trio, 1957

Before he moved on to soul and R&B, bassist Johnnie Pate was a solid link in the jazz-campus connection. He even used a flute to give the Ivy League a dance beat:

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  1. Very nice album covers.

  2. While I attended VU & CU, not the University of Cincinnati, I noticed something strikingly familiar; the top album cover shows McMicken Hall, a relative named Charles McMicken provided an 1852 endowment enabling the City of Cincinnati to establish the educational institution now known as the University of Cincinnati.

    Possibly he is embarking from Ohio?

  3. Pate was based in Chicago, where I believe this album was recorded. This may have been the nearest place for the photo shoot.

  4. Re: the Johnnie Pate records – the King Record Co. was based in Cincinnati, thus the University of Cincinnati photos.

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