Poison Ivy League

See these Ivy frat boys? Elvis uses his fists to wipe the smug looks off their faces. After seeming to romanticize fraternity life in a recent post, let’s balance the scales by romanticizing fraternity jerks who get punched out by a greaser from the wrong side of the tracks. Such a greaser is played by Elvis

Grant Writing

“People Will Talk,” one of Cary Grant’s lesser known movies, boasts some interesting outfits for the sartorial historicist. In order to portray a medical professor at a small Midwestern college in 1951, Grant was costumed in one double-breasted suit, and three suits and jackets that feature a 3/2 roll, but still have the overall cut

Gunn Control: You’re Under Arrest For Promoting Athleisure

We’ve been covering the underworld lately, with con men, spies, the CIA, and now a private eye. This year marks the 60th anniversary of “Peter Gunn,” who was a new kind of TV detective when he made his debut in 1958. With his neat hair and simple gray suits, Gunn could have fit right in

A Leiter Shade Of Gray: Savile Row Versus Ivy League

Recently a blog called The Suits Of James Bond paid tribute to 007’s American counterpart, Felix Leiter. The observations are hardly earth-shattering, but it is worth noting how the two tailoring styles relect the characters. “The colours Leiter wears may be the same as Bond’s,” the blogger writes, “but the styles are an ocean apart.”

All Saints Day

Before he became James Bond, Roger Moore cut his teeth in the spy-crime-thriller genre as star of British TV series “The Saint,” which ran from 1962-69, or the end of the Ivy heyday years in the States. In fact, like Pierce Brosnan decades later, Moore had to turn down the role of Bond due to his


I’ve been working on that Hollywood magazine I’ve mentioned before, and recently interviewed the actress Hannah John-Kamen. She’s had roles in a number of franchise fantasy worlds (Star Wars, Tomb Raider, Game Of Thrones, the Marvel Universe), so I asked her where she’d like to go if she had a time machine. Backwards or forwards? She

Summer Lovin’

Like this post and want more content like it, more often? Help Ivy Style reach its goal of 1,000 true fans. * * * I already had this post in mind, and so when, in our previous dispatch on Tab Hunter, Italian comment-leaver and expert in midcentury Americana, Carmelo, invoked the name Troy Donahue, it

Dreamboat Departed: Tab Hunter, 1931-2018

Actor Tab Hunter died yesterday at the age of 86, prompting a revisit of this 2016 post, updated with new images.   Like this post and want more content, more often? Help Ivy Style reach its goal of 1,000 true fans.  * * * Tab Hunter was a clean-cut, all-American ’50s dreamboat heartthrob. But when

Neighborhood Watch

Our last post was about color, its charming effect on others and how that can open up new possibilities in your own life. And so we follow it up with a man who regularly wore bright colors and who also charmed millions, the late, great Fred Rogers. Last year Ivy-Style contributor Andy Owen wrote a

Casual Indifference: A Review Of Chappaquiddick

Usually the themes of manslaughter, deception, intrigue, and privilege are enough to satisfy even the basest Shakespearian desires of most moviegoers. By wrapping this all in the historical context of the most storied political dynasty of the 20th century, with a sidebar about humankind’s first steps on another planet, you’ve got a recipe for a drama

Man’s Favorite Sport, 1964

What was the old Abercrombie & Fitch like, back when it was a sporting goods store (that also sold clothes, pipes, and other gentleman’s necessities) just casting distance from Brooks Brothers? Well here’s a glance via the 1964 movie “Man’s Favorite Sport,” in which Rock Hudson plays a fishing expert at A&F, decked out in

American Psycho

Evidently there’s a day for everything. Today is Alfred Hitchcock Day, and so we raise a toast to actor Anthony Perkins, who starred in Hitch’s 1960 film “Psycho.” Perkins, who’s appeared on Ivy Style several times before, showed that a tall, lanky man can still look great in sack suits and blousy buttondowns. You’d probably,

Preppy + Hippie = Prippie: A Futile And Stupid Film Review

While struck down by a cold last month, I watched “A Futile and Stupid Gesture,” the new Netflix-produced film about the tragic rise and fall of National Lampoon founder Doug Kenney, played by Will Forte. Of course there never would have been a National Lampoon without Harvard Lampoon, and one of the film’s first scenes

Yesterday & Tomorrow: Vintage Allen Edmonds Short Film

Slowly recovering here at Ivy Style HQ, thank you. And so here’s a space-age shortie by Allen Edmonds called “The Shoe Of Tomorrow,” from the late ’40s or early ’50s. The future sure ain’t what it used to be. — CC

Big Bad John

Tomorrow the TV series “The Crown,” which chronicles the life of England’s Queen Elizabeth II, features JFK and Jackie in its new episode. But the British series will be presenting an image of the former president far less flattering than American audiences are accustomed to, according to media reports. Here’s an excerpt from a Q&A

Deerfield Academy Home Movie, 1966

An Ivy Style Facebook group member dug up this fantastic video shot at the prep school Deerfield in 1966, which was only rediscovered last year. It’s a combination of “Take Ivy” and “Dead Poets Society” come to life, with soccer, extensive shots of nature and architecture in the first half, and then tremendous sartorial variations

When The King Of Cool Found The King Of Kings

No matter how cool and detached you are, with an aura of earthly immediacy and cynical skepticism, you can’t run from the question “What does it all mean?” And when you grow up in Western Civilization, you might find yourself in old age doing things that you never imagined. Such as taking up golf. Or

Rye Humor

“Rebel In The Rye,” a new movie charting the development of JD Salinger and his writing of the classic prep-school angst novel, “Catcher In The Rye,” will open in September. Alas early reviews, presumably based on the festival circuit, are not good. There is much debate about whether “Catcher In The Rye” and its smart-alecky