Cooling Things Down: The Steve McQueen Lookbook

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Yesterday at Ivy Style headquarters the phone did not stop not ringing, a sign that the cool people, who of course were too cool to bother complaining, were not pleased with the prospect of an entire month (save for Gatsby coverage) devoted to squares.

So in the interest of never pleasing all the people all of the time, we’re doing a cool post.

Recently GQ put together a 91-slide Steve McQueen “lookbook” of candids and movie stills. That means in some of the slides he’s wearing cowboy duds, but it’s an interesting look at the man’s life (such as his jazz collection) and work, the style he exuded no matter what he wore, and how he aged, which, not surprising, was pretty damn well. These kind of rugged handsome types always seem to look their best on the back nine of life. Sorry, squares.

Here are some of our favorites around Ivy Style HQ. You can see the full slideshow here. — CC (Continue)

The Brooks Brothers Gatsby Collection

Mon 15 Apr 2013 - Filed under: Film — Christian
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I just did a story for on the Plaza Hotel’s Gatsby tie-ins, and now here’s Brooks’. Downmarket companies get Pixar tie-ins and put toys in Happy Meals. This is what plays upmarket. (Continue)


Hollywood Style: Before The Golf Swing, The Other Kind Of Swing

Wed 6 Mar 2013 - Filed under: Film,Jazz — Christian
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Last night I was sitting around with the girlfriend pulling up videos on YouTube and trying to explain the difference between swing, jump blues and rockabilly. I went looking for a band I knew from San Francisco and stumbled across a blast from my past: Two recently uploaded clips about an independent movie called “Swing” I worked on over a decade ago.

It was my 15 minutes of Hollywood fame, minus the fame. (Continue)


Post Number 666: Rosemary’s Baby, 1968

Tue 15 Jan 2013 - Filed under: 1960s,Film — Christian
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In honor of Ivy Style’s 666th post, we’re lighting the fire-and-brimstone-scented candles, putting on Berlioz’ “Witches’ Sabbath” (or maybe the Rolling Stones’ “Sympathy For The Devil”), and paying tribute to the 1968 movie “Rosemary’s Baby” with a hearty cry of “Hail Satan!” (Continue)


So This Is College, 1929

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It feels like I’m in college right now, trying to get my “term paper” on Ivy ready for Monday.

I’ve been working on a long essay for some time now, and one of the themes it explores is the casual nature of campus dress, even when from our point of view the students of the past seem extremely formal.

Take the film “So This Is College” from 1929, for example. In the preview available on Rotten Tomatoes the young gentlemen — students at USC — are noteworthy for the formality (from our point of view) of their suits and ties yet also their general disregard for their clothing. Look at the way the plop down on the lawn without a second thought, and the way one guy teases his roommate by standing on his laundry.

The film also shows the difference between the early days of the Ivy League Look and what is remembered as “Joe College” garb from the ’20s. While the raccoon coat trend may have begun at Princeton, some of the more rah-rah outfits, such as oxford bags, seem to have been more of a Midwestern state school look.

According to the Brooks Brothers book “Generations Of Style,” Brooks “refused to sell” oxford bags. — CC (Continue)


Allen Edmonds Releases 1940s Footage, Expands Cordovan, & Goes Global

Mon 10 Dec 2012 - Filed under: 1920s-'40s,Film — Christian
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Much is afoot, if you’ll pardon the pun, at Allen Edmonds these days. A few days ago the company released some fascinating footage on YouTube showing its factory in the 1940s. (Continue)


The Post Of The Seven Gables

Wed 3 Oct 2012 - Filed under: 1950s,Film,Historic Images,Personae — Christian
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Clark Gable is largely remebered as one of the glamorous menswear icons of the 1930s, along with Fred Astaire, Cary Grant, and just about every other star from the Golden Age of Hollywood.

But as he aged and fashions changed, Gable evolved with the times and shed his double-breasted suits with nipped waists and squared shoulders, and settled into buttondowns, discrete ties and natural shouldered jackets. He kept the signature mustache, though.

Gable is seen here in a series of photos by Sid Avery taken in 1957. (Continue)

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