All Saints Day

Before he became James Bond, Roger Moore cut his teeth in the spy-crime-thriller genre as star of British TV series “The Saint,” which ran from 1962-69, or the end of the Ivy heyday years in the States. In fact, like Pierce Brosnan decades later, Moore had to turn down the role of Bond due to his TV commitments.

Moore’s saintly character had a taste for navy blazers paired with white shirts and rep ties — about as simple a formula as you can get. It also illustrates the strong kinship between Ivy and English style: same ingredients, different execution.

Perhaps Moore developed an excessive fondness for navy blazers (and overcoats) during those early years, as it would become one of his signature Bond outfits, in addition to being a key piece worn offscreen.

Which means these shots aren’t all from “The Saint,” but they’ll work for All Saint’s Day. — CC

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  1. Canadian Trad | November 1, 2018 at 4:43 pm |

    Now this is my kind of seasonal post!

  2. Charlottesville | November 1, 2018 at 5:54 pm |

    Perfect tie-in with the church calendar, CC. I am a big fan of The Saint, and very much enjoyed the show when I was a kid. It continued in reruns on various local stations well into the 70s, and is available on DVD and (I think) Netflix. The 3-button blazer in the top picture looks like classic Ivy, although the waist suppression indicates that it may be darted, and I wouldn’t be surprised if it has double vents. Still a great look.

  3. Navy DB overcoat is nice… on my list of wants.

    Is that last one from Cannonball Run?! Nice!

  4. The man always wore a high collared shirt to project a sophistcated look. Well done.

  5. The “blue overcoat” shots appear to show a Royal Navy tie, so he must have there been Commander Bond.

    I well remember Simon Templar from my adolescence, one of a number of tough, sophisticated “operatives” on the tube. One couldn’t shoot, fight, drive or seduce that well, but you could make a decent stab at dressing that well

  6. That navy double-breasted overcoat is smashing, baby.

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