People Will Talk,” one of Cary Grant’s lesser known movies, boasts some interesting outfits for the sartorial historicist.

In order to portray a medical professor at a small Midwestern college in 1951, Grant was costumed in one double-breasted suit, and three suits and jackets that feature a 3/2 roll, but still have the overall cut common to 1951, not the full sack shape popularized some years later.

One ensemble would likely be seldom seen today: a soft-shouldered tweed sportcoat, 3/2 roll with ticket pocket, apparently undarted, with three sleeve buttons, and which Grant wears with the bottom two buttons fastened, similar to the 1942 Brooks Brothers advertisement pictured below.

In a further mixing of styles that might seem unorthodox today, Grant pairs the jacket not with plain-front trousers, loafers, and oxford-cloth buttondown, but with pleated and cuffed gray flannels, black lace-ups and collar-pinned shirt.

For a finishing touch, Grant employs one of his signature style gestures: socks lighter in color than his trousers. — CC