The Scent Of Madras (not the city or the fabric).

We used to have a boat. The guy that sold it to me was named Harvey. We looked at a lot of boats before we settled on one, and every time we went below I held my breath like a pearl diver because Harvey wore this cologne that you had to squint to see through.

That is the basis of my fear of cologne, until Madras by St Johns.

From the St Johns site: From India to Africa to the Caribbean; this cool, comfortable and colorful fabric has travelled the globe and is the inspiration for our new cologne. Our Madras Cologne weaves the freshness of mandarins with the sharpness of black pepper and cedar and the softness of Costus Absolute to create this cool and relaxed mélange. Madras is the perfect fragrance for evenings at the beach or drinks on the dock.

St Johns on their site lists the scent’s top, heart, and base notes. I don’t know what that means but I can tell you this has been crafted with an Ivy sensibility. Even the name. And it is subtle. It is hey-he-smells-good not hey-he-smells.

My daughter likes to try on cologne, this might be a scent she could try as well.

You can buy it here, and you should.

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  1. Mine arrived ten days, or so, ago (courtesy of J. Press), and I’ve work a spritz almost every day since A masculine, yet subtle aroma as you note. Perfect for summer.

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  2. “worn.” Darn poor typing!

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  3. Writing about scents is, to borrow a phrase, like dancing about architecture. I bought a bottle of the Bay Rum and really love it. But I use it quite sparingly — perhaps over-correcting for a period in my early-20s during which I doused myself in cologne. So it may take a while, but I know which one I’ll want to sample first when my current bottle runs out.

  4. I just purchased a bottle thanks to this review! Thank you for letting us know about this product.

  5. ST John’s offers a great small vial/ trial size of each aftershave. Was able to grab one of each to try them out this summer. Thanks for featuring them so much on your site. Wore their Vetiver scent and Madras so far. Both excellent!

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