Spring & Summer Madras Choices From OMTC

If you are Santa (I was, I have pictures) you have another most wonderful time of the year, if you like Madras though, THIS is the most wonderful time of the year, as the Original Madras Trading Company releases their own SS/24 collection, which you can review here.

From their site:

Getaway in Madras is the concept behind the SS24 collection. Our collection name came naturally with the double entendre of our hand woven Madras cloth and the historical city of Madras, our home in Southern India. Madras cloth has always had a strong association with summer holidays or any getaway involving sun, sand, cocktails and warm weather from Nantucket to the Caribbean, to the Mediterranean to our Coromandel Coast.

The Hotel Ashoka in the old part of Madras is the backdrop for most of this season’s photography. Dating from 1963 the hotel is a perfect example of the incredibly free, uninhibited and optimistic design of that time and aligns well with the ethos of Madras.

From my site:

We see the doors of Ivy widening, and that is a very good thing as long as the opening holds true to retaining the best parts of its roots. Here is another great example of that. And if someone is going to expand Madras, the Original Madras Trading Company is certainly best suited.

Exhibit A

A few of my favorites. I love this summer jacket. Just my taste but some experiments with patterned summer jackets wind up using colors that are supposed to be lighter but wind up being silly. This jacket looks like one I could actually wear over khakis and still be taken seriously.


And here’s a brilliant example of the use of color that is joyful.

They have a knack for knowing just how far to go.

Finally, am buying this. Am committing to bucket hats this summer, and this is my first choice.

I’ve seen and felt their hats, they are just the right weight.

Here’s the link again, it is a really good collection, the fabric is truly wearable in the summer too. Enjoy!

6 Comments on "Spring & Summer Madras Choices From OMTC"

  1. Really lovely stuff, all around. That jacket is a winner, especially at that price. It’s understated as Madras goes, but it’ll certainly stand out.

  2. Pocket Square | March 20, 2024 at 1:29 pm |

    I work at a mens store in a big ten town, we carry the bucket hat. What I can tell you upfront is they fit REALLY small this year.

  3. Absurdly high prices – not against paying this much for a shirt made in the United States but sourcing your labor overseas in a developing country and marking it up that much is gross. Not cool when major name brand retailers do it and it’s not cool when small timers ape them. This is exploitation.

  4. I really enjoy some of these patterns but the collars are too short for my liking.

  5. Roger Sack | March 21, 2024 at 3:23 pm |

    Beautiful jacket. And the model is standing in front of the
    now classical Indian Ambassador auto, who’s production began
    in 1957 during the Ivy Heyday in the US.

  6. I have thier jacket from last year’s collab with WM Brown and it is really great. I am a 44 and went for an XL and it fits wonderfully.

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