You know how Madras feels. Now find out how it smells.

I use St John’s stuff all the time, and even I get it wrong sometimes. Too much, too little. Wrong scent for the season. Etc. So St John’s made the process Burton-proof.

Introducing Madras soap. I’ve been using it for a week. It feels good, the bar and the scent last a long time (I shower twice a day and I haven’t dented the bar yet), and most importantly, it is just the right amount of scent, every time.

You can buy some here. It’s only $15! Highly recommend.

9 Comments on "You know how Madras feels. Now find out how it smells."

  1. I just bought St Johns because of your website. It’s amazing and I’m really happy you recommended them!

  2. John
    I have been buying the lime and bay rum soap on a robe and love them both. For the $$$they are a GREAT deal. I also use the lime spray cologne .

  3. I like very light scents, 4711 cologne being my daily splash. Is there a scent with which you would compare Madrax?

  4. So, which scents for which seasons?

  5. There’s a good article about Madras on CNN today.

  6. It’s named after a type of cotton, you know it must smell good! And it’s only $15 a bar. Normal price!

  7. Interested in the Bay Rum Splash, but is Blue #1, Red #4, and Yellow #5 necessary??

  8. The Bay Rum sure lasts a while — I use it almost daily and I’ve had the same bottle for nearly a year. Madras will have to wait until the current bottle is gone, but look forward to finally picking one up. As for the soap, I’m stuck with a boring one meant for easily-irritated skin, alas.

  9. I like that the marketing/advertising tends toward a here’s-what-masculinity-smells-like vibe, as opposed to another (tired, worn out) here’s-what-rich elites-smell-like. If Ralph had had his way, there would have been zero polo player-on-pony logos, and the vibe would have been here’s-why-everyone-can-be-an-Anglophile (aspirational yet Ivy-for-all democratic). Instead, Reagan era designers and marketers obsessed with the logos-as-totems won the day. (We may rest assured they owned Beemers and MBs for similar reasons).

    Ironically, visible logos tend to cheapen and debase high quality goods. Now that we’re moving into a thoroughly anti-hifalutin/hoity-toity moment (the momentum is strong and growing), the wisdom of unpretentious marketing is real.

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