How A Man Handles His Money Is How A Man Handles His Money

A good friend once said that to me.  How a man handles his money is how a man handles his money.  We were sitting in a cigar shop and we were watching this guy trying to buy a cigar with cash.  His hands went into his pockets and he pulled out a crumpled ball of

A Thank You.

I know we can sell stuff here.  I am happy that we (you) did it for one of the Old Guard of Ivy.    

Blazer Patches from Chipp

When Paul Winston of Chipp Neckwear moved out of their building, he moved some Ivy history with him. It took a while to get to opening all the boxes, some of which hadn’t been touched in decades. One of the things he found was a collection of blazer patches. I am getting one for my

The Pink Whale’s Ivy Cred Continues To Grow

This week Vineyard Vines announced in conjunction with The Head Of The Charles that they will return as The Official Style Of The Head Of Charles. If you don’t know what I am talking about (and no points off if that is so, I think we have seen enough negativity this week), let’s start with

Thank you so much for your kind notes.

I am really grateful for the notes and thoughts and prayers.  The internet can be an icky place.  This, at least, isn’t. In the rote, the procedural, you do not witness a lot of love. It tampers, I think, our celebration. You cannot dance to a song you are not hearing. I am in the

Ivy Notes S2 E3

This is really part two from The Amazing Tom’s portfolio. Where do you stand on the buttoned up shirt with no tie thing?  I did it in the 90’s when James Taylor was doing it, I see it making a comeback.  However…   Allen Edmonds is collaborating with Barbour.   The result is what looks like

Ivy Notes S2 E2

Editor’s Note:  The feature image will make sense if you read all the way down to the bottom.  But NO, that is most certainly not my house.  It is, however, Lauren’s flagship store in Paris.   The Amazing Tom has been prolific. Here: First, GQ lists the 17 best rugby shirts for men here. I

J. Press & Fox Flannel

Earlier this week J. Press hosted two events that I was unable to attend, but Laura Arnold took some great photos for me.  The events were in DC and NY, and featured the made to measure work that J. Press is doing with Fox Flannel.   Let’s start with Fox Flannel.     In looking through


If you are newer here, and don’t know about Kazuo Hozumi, go here first, then here, then here. (no paywall – everybody feel better?) Illustrated Ivy is out in English. You can buy it here. Or here.   It is called an illustrated map because it unfolds like one, and without spoilers the design is very

If Red Sneakers Are Ivy Does It Matter What I Wear With A Suit?

You may remember my friend Kevin Danyi, who was profiled on the site a few years ago.  Over on the Facebook Group, he posed a question.   Shoe Color, Suits, and Ties Although in this day and age, showing up in something other than flip-flops sets one above the crowd, I thought I’d pose this

A Question About September.

The average temperature at Yale in September of 1955 was 72.5.  I know that from digging it up here.   You have to tread lightly on the question of if it is getting warmer over time, but I will say that here in Bedford yesterday it was 82 and today it is supposed to get to

Red Sneakers Are Ivy

Conformity to such rules and social norms is driven by a desire to gain social acceptance and status (see Cialdini and Goldstein 2004) and avoid negative sanctions such as social disapproval, ridicule, and exclusion (Kruglanski and Webster 1991; Levine 1989; Miller and Anderson 1979; Schachter 1951). In the present research, we propose that under certain

Ivy Notes S2 E1

The Amazing Tom turned me on to this article at Forbes. It is on what to wear to an interview, which came up in the comments on another post the other day.   One of the things that drives me crazy is when my local news station says to dress warmly on cold days and to

How Quality Happens – The Lawrence Trouser Standard

When last we talked about the Lawrence Trouser company, we were talking about the human side – a company of artisan sewers who came to this country with a bird’s eye appreciation of the opportunity and steel determination to look back at country they left from the vantage point of becoming the best at what

The Future Of The Past

I have been spending some time with J. Crew lately, following the new Creative Director Brendon Babenzian, who is taking his turn at reviving a brand with updated Ivy.   I note that the companies who never stepped off Ivy in the first place also never needed to revive anything with updated anything.  Still, Babenzian seems