A Note From Sarah

What Questions Do You Have about Women’s Ivy? One of the elements I love the most about the Ivy Style community is the back-and-forth in the comments section and in the Facebook group. As we begin to talk more seriously about Women’s Ivy on its own merits, I wanted to open up a Q&A post

A Quick Note If You Are In New England

If you are in the Boston area, you know Sault. If you aren’t, this is a great time to get to know them, because they are hosting an event promoting their collaboration with Ivy-Style Favorite the Original Madras Trading Company. There will, but of course, be Madras cocktails from bullyboybooze BUT, go and you get

2 + 2 = 5 (or, when the whole is greater than the sum of its parts)

Sid Mashburn and The Original Madras Company collaborated and IT REALLY WORKED. By the way, Prasan Shah, of OMTC, is one of the nicest guys on the planet and you should buy a shirt from this collaboration just to support NICE. Ok, back to the collaboration. They created a series of 4 sport shirts (Madras

Jay Butler Sale Starts Today

From April 14 – 18 Jay Butler is offering 15% off site wide. The code to use is TaxDay23 and you want to go here to use it. I have, for two years now, worn these Jay Butler loafers at minimum two days a week, without socks. They have never been repaired, they have in fact

Women’s Ivy: Perfecting a Personal Uniform

After enduring seven years of school uniforms, I thought I’d left them behind when I started college. For me, clothing is an important way to share who you are with the world without saying a word. Practical as they are, uniforms clearly limit such self-expression. Recently, I began to think of uniforms in a new


Still… no ads so… This is the J. Press MTM sale. Who else would you want MTM from? No one, that’s who. Click here. I am wearing my Jay Butler loafers four times a week. For two years. And they look fantastic. They are moccasin structure so they are… stupid comfortable. I had an eye

Women’s Ivy: A Good Shirt is Hard to Find

Editor’s Note: ONE MORE DAY until we can update the advertising. Until then, go here to buy custom made from J. Press, or even to explore it. …. and now back to your regularly scheduled programming, by our now beloved Sarah Cooney. When I first started writing about classic style, one of my goals was

Where The Site Went And What’s Taking So Long

Before I get into that, this is the J. Press sale. First watch this. Then check out this opportunity by going here. The MTM Piece comes tomorrow and read on to find out why. So when we got the site, it was hosted by, let’s for the sake of argument call it a company. To

Ivy-Style Has Moved (and J. Press is having an incredible sale)

We have, after two VERY long years of trying and reorganizing and a litany of tech inheritances that would ruin your week, finally moved the site. We can now finally do what we have wanted to do. BUT. You should check this out. J. Press is having an INCREDIBLE Made To Measure Sale. The ad

When Things Get Serious People Put On A Uniform.

Allow me to start this piece with the note that I wear an earring and play acoustic guitar with an untucked WOCBD, and have been called out more than once for being too open about how Ivy as a fashion should be interpreted. So I would like to think I am wide open. Which I

Women’s Ivy: An Anthropological Look At Clothing

Editor’s Note: It is with great excitement that we post the first of Sarah Cooney’s series Women’s Ivy, which will appear every Wednesday. Sarah’s blog is Fewer And Better, and she can be reached at I had an assignment in college that began as a burden and ended up being one of the most

A Serious Question

Editor’s Note: Having displayed a degree of snark throughout my Ivy custodianship, I just wanted to reiterate, these are not random shots they are real questions – I just don’t get it. GQ (which is almost out of the fashion business) ran this article about Paris’ Fashion Week. I want to talk about the article

Chris Rock’s WOCBD

Watched Chris Rock’s new special over the weekend, and he was of course hilarious but I couldn’t take my eyes off the shirt. If you want an illustration of the universality of the WOCBD, please compare and contrast Chris Rock… And Tom Heany. You take my point, right?

Ivy-Style Media Group Signs Sarah Cooney As Women’s Ivy Columnist

John Burton, CEO of the Ivy-Style Media Group, announced today that the organization has come to terms with Sarah Bogart Cooney of to create a weekly Women’s Ivy post and to participate in the promotion of Women’s Ivy as a style and an ethic. “There simply is no one better that we could have

Will Trent – A TV Show That Lost Its Way

Editor’s Note: We have all enjoyed reading Mr. Grant’s work, so I wanted to make sure I said thank you to him. Thank you. The alleged TV drama on ABC and Hulu, Will Trent, is based on Karen Slaughter’s series of novels.  Frankly, I have not read any of Ms. Slaughter’s novels, but I would