Ivy-Style. The Podcast.

  Richard Press has agreed to be our first guest.  Eric Twardzik has agreed to be a guest.  I am pitching G. Bruce Boyer a whole other thing, but worst case scenario I will beg him to be a guest. Who would you like to hear?  The format is going to be an hour interview,

Eric @ The Andover Shop

Editor’s Note:  Eric Twardzik is one of the most skilled men’s fashion writers working today, so when we had a chance to publish his behind-the-scenes take on The Andover Shop, we leaped at it.  We were right.  On the day that I was asked to work at The Andover Shop, I was not looking particularly

It’s Not The Years, Honey, It’s The Mileage

When I first posted about Jay Butler loafers almost a year ago I was pretty happy about them.  If you are new here, and 3/4’s of you are, a quick Jay Butler primer for you.   Jay Butler shoes are different in that they were designed like moccasins.  So you wear them for a bit

So Not My Sole Mate

In the greatest book written in the last century, The Gold Coast by Nelson DeMille, the protagonist John Sutter is getting into it with a law enforcement official and closes his diatribe with, “… and at least have the decency to wear leather shoes.” The rubber soled shoe subject will not die, but a founding

Duck Head Migrates North

Editor’s Note:  Rather than have me litter the post with “click on the image to see…”  – if you click on each image you will see the product featured but on the Duck Head site in better detail. I am all about the locally sourced nature of some things.  Nantucket Red as a color will

The Flag, Betsy Ross, and my man Francis Hopkinson

You mean to tell me Betsy Ross did not make the first flag?  Stand by. The story of Betsy Ross goes a lot like the story of me approaching Jay Butler to make some Ivy Style shoes.  Washington comes up to Ross and says, “Can you help me make a flag?”   (That is SO hands

Ivy Notes S1 E21

Trend is a dopamine hit, an understandable one.  Who doesn’t like new, the zap you get from a change, a piqued curiosity?  Trend serves us in a number of places.  The markets (the markets love volatility).  Social progress (where a trend leads to a more permanent evolution).  Etc. My least favorite word is trend.  There

The Ugliest Pictures On The Internet (but click on them)

Before this, I ran the FB group for a few years.  That job was/is an exercise in a few things – the hardest of which was to pick the right level of snark with those who disagreed with me.   I wanted to be funny, but also get the point across, but maintain dignity.  Right?  So


Give an Ivy Classicist the rules about when and where to wear sneakers and they are shod for a day. Make the rules together and they are shod for a lifetime. That’s shod – twice in one paragraph. Hang on. YES. It means what I wanted it to. Let us begin the session with common

The Only Thing That Bugs Me Still About This Site After A Year

Editor’s Note:  DEFINITELY NOT including how hard it is to transfer, how hard it is to incorporate a decade of content into a redesign, the fact that Women’s Ivy is confusing to me so I can’t write it, and how much it costs to host. It’s coming up on a year.   I LOVE THIS WORK. 

Ivy Father’s Day

Editor’s Note:  Like we did on Memorial Day, if you have a photo of you and your child that you would like me to post here, please email it to  I will post them today, tomorrow, and Saturday as they come in.   That’s my daughter, Gramercy, asleep a few days ago after one

Photography Catches Up With Ivy (or vice versa) And The Amazing Tom Brings His A Game This Week

There was a period of Ivy marketing where you couldn’t determine much about how any product was different from any other product because the photography looked… the same.  And then a decade passed and you couldn’t determine much about the product, or even what decade you were looking at because the photography looked… the same.

Covid’s Opening Act Was Summer Fridays

This is my day today, started at 3:15, did the pages (I write three handwritten pages every morning, first thing – you know how you dump out the old grinds before you make new coffee, some of them hug the sides of the filter because it is wet and you have to rinse the filter