The John Cheever Centennial

Today would be the 100th birthday of John Cheever, who died in 1982. Two news reports you might want to check out are this one by the New York Daily News, and for an English perspective, this one from the Telegraph. I asked Bruce Boyer if he might have any particular insight on one of

Paul Fussell, 1924-2012

Paul Fussell, author of the mordantly hilarious “Class: A Guide Through The American Status System,” died Wednesday at the age of 88. “Class” includes an entire chapter devoted to the semiotics of dress, and he aims his wry wit at his own class as much as those above and below. Here’s an excerpt: Upper-middle clothes…

Shade of Grey: J. Press Silk-Linen Spring Sportcoat

“Fifty Shades of Grey” is the steamy new novel that has bored housewives all stirred up, but here’s a shade of grey for us guys. While browsing at J. Press recently, this jacket caught my eye from across the room. The reason was the color: a grayish olive that struck a resounding early ’60s note.

Online Encore: Introducing Country Club Prep

Yep, there’s another. No sooner had I begun preparing the announcement of Tuckernuck than another new online preppy retailer contacted Ivy Style HQ. Launched two months ago by two former lawyers schooled at the University of Virginia, Cornell and Washington & Lee, Country Club Prep is based in Atlanta and brings together small, preppy brands

The $1,100 Vintage Madras Jacket

Last year we reported on a $1,200 Ralph Lauren madras sportcoat; the price struck us as a little steep, not by the standards of RL, but of the fabric. This year the headline stealer is this vintage patch madras jacket from Chipp, for which an eBay seller is asking $1,100. The seller’s rationale for the

44 Flavors: The Brooks Brothers Polo-Shirt Boxed Set

Summer is three months, or 90 days. Today Brooks Brothers sent out a mailer announcing a boxed set of polos in 44 colors. Why 44? Because that’s the flagship’s cross street on Madison Avenue. It’s also convenient number for planing your summer wardrobe. Not only does the set cover just about every shade in the

Gant Takes Yale Co-op Collection Global

Yesterday Gant took its Yale Co-op collection global. Released last year in the New Haven store, the collection is now available online and in Gant stores across Europe and Asia. The release is backed by a hefty marketing campaign that includes photos of current Yale students and faculty, as well as vintage images such as

March Madras: Brooks, Press, RL, Gant, O’Connell’s & Ben Silver

March Madras continues with this updated post with two more sartorial jump balls. In the first, J. Press squares off against Gant. Wearing an almost blinding uniform, J. Press offers a traditional madras sportcoat priced at $495. But shouldn’t this guy have graduated by now? In contrast to Press’ perennial classic, Gant offers classic-with-a-twist. Its

Brooks Brothers Fall/Winter 2012 Preview

Yesterday I rode up to the sixth floor at 346 Madison Avenue for a preview of Brooks’ next season. The spokesmen admitted the company hasn’t been playing up their heritage quite as well as it could, and the fall 2012 collection full of clever self-referencing.

Squeezed! J. Press Goes Slim For 110th Anniversary

J. Press (or “J. Squeeze,” for old-school guys in-the-know) is finally getting into the heritage and slim-fit game with its new 110th anniversary collection. Here’s the skinny: Svelte guys will now be able to get a pocket-flap oxford in a more streamlined cut. How streamlined? I asked J. Press’ general manager for specs, but he’s

News Roundup: Brooks, Bean, Rugby, J. Crew & Chipp2

Time fo a Tradsville news roundup. First up is Rugby, which currently has buckle-back chinos on sale for forty bucks. We’ve previously written about these several times (most recently in Christopher Sharp’s piece on the h.i.s. brand, which has been largely credited with the buckle trend circa 1955), and I’ll admit to an inexplicable hankering

Brooks Brothers’ Buttoned-Down Radicalism

This weekend I received an email from Brooks Brothers with a surprisingly terse subject line. No long-winded winter sale announcements, such as “plus free shipping on orders over $200.” This one simply said “Be Radical.” Was Brooks introducing a line of X-Games-inspired athleticwear? I opened the message and found that the mailer was a plug

Brooks Brothers’ Annual Christmas Party

Last night Brooks Brothers held its annual Christmas party, which benefits the St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital, at its Madison Avenue flagship. My third year in attendance (but my first one in brown flannels), the event seemed larger than usual and there was revelry on every floor. I took a few snapshots of guys who

Age Of Enlightenment: Bills Khakis’ 18th-Century Shetland Crew

It’s easy to bemoan the death of American manufacturing, but much harder to go and discover historic facilities that still exist. That’s exactly what Bill Thomas did when he set out to produce an American-made Shetland sweater and made an illuminating discovery. “When we set out to introduce a fully fashioned American-made Shetland sweater, we

Free Wheeling: Allen Edmonds’ Independence Collection

Allen Edmonds has just unveiled a new collection of higher-end shoes priced at $445. Dubbed the Independence Collection, with models named for signers of the Declaration of Independence, the shoes feature a sole detail called wheeling (pictured above) that had remained locked in the archives, unused, for the past 30 years. Pictured below is an

Budget-Conscious Lands’ End Patch-Pocket Herringbone

If you’re a trad on a budget and want some “Take Ivy” jacket details but can’t afford RL/Rugby prices, take a look at these two jackets by Lands’ End with a student/professor vibe and cheap tuition. Above is a herringbone sportcoat that was on sale last week for about $165 (it’s currently back up to