Cary Grant’s $8K Monkey Business Sportcoat

This morning we were alerted to a sportcoat made for Cary Grant in “Monkey Business” for the scene in which a youth serum gives the 48-year-old Grant the tastes and behavior of a college student. The jacket, currently for sale from a movie memorabilia company, did not make it into the film. It was made

My Kinda Clothes

Last week the website Cool Material asked me to contribute to its “Wear This” series and pull together an outfit based on stuff currently on retail shelves. The result is illustrative of how I’ve been dressing lately: a foundation of traditional items spiced with stylish accessories that give off — to me, at least —

Kamakura Shirts Unveils Full Collection Of Oxford Shirts

We just got a note from Kamakura Shirts saying that it has just launched an oxford campaign in celebration of its newly operational e-commerce store, as well as its fully stocked oxford-cloth buttondown collection. Says our contact, “Unfortunately we did not have enough of them for a long time, and we are afraid if we

Straight Dope: Connecticut Teen Discovers Brooks Brothers

Do kids still use the term “dope” to describe something cool? Evidently they do, and they’ll even use it to describe stodgy ol’ Brooks Brothers. If you’ve puzzled over who exactly is the target customer for Brooks’ more youthful offerings, I think we’ve found the answer. This week a Cornell-bound teen wrote a piece for his

Three Cheers For The Pink, White & Blue

The colors of the American flag are almost the same as the traditional choices of oxford-cloth buttondowns. After all, who the heck wears yellow? And so on this Fourth of July Ivy Style bids you Happy Independence Day with this festive “fun” shirt from Brooks Brothers, which is almost as old as America itself. Let the

New Old School: Introducing Concord Button Downs

Last summer saw the launch of a new US-made shirt company out of Massachusetts called Concord Button Downs. The line began with plaids, but has since focused on oxford cloth in both solids and stripes, including pink. “Our shirts attempt to replicate the OCBDs many men wore in the ’50s and ’60s,” says founder Daniel

A Spring Bouquet In Olive And Gray

Although I recently posted a pink Brooks Brothers fun shirt I acquired, I should clarify that it’s for the dog days of summer. This spring, while others were quick on the draw with their pastels, I’ve been clad in the sober Ivy colors of olive and gray, snazzed up with a patterned belt. For example,

Nick Waterhouse And Brooks’ New Retro Category

Following hard upon the debut of Red Fleece is today’s Brooks mailer, which plugs a new, possibly temporary, product category called “Retro Style.” The category consists of standard Brooks items, but it’s interesting to see which items Brooks chose to group together, as well as its invocation of the word “retro,” which will sound cool

Red Dawn: Brooks Brothers Introduces Red Fleece

Today Brooks Brothers sent out an email unveiling Red Fleece, the new name for what was formerly called the University collection. Brooks now has golden, black and red fleeces similar to blue, black and purple labels. Now before you purists and fogeys cry foul, recall that Brooks has produced special collections catering to young men

Cool As Ice: The Lands’ End Rocket Popsicle Necktie

Now blasting off for $49 courtesy of the evil corporation that ripped off KJP. I usually don’t go for critters, and actually just got my first critter tie (cross-eyed owls, gold on navy). This would be fun to wear on the Fourth of July and cause double-takes. If it were a Chipp tie, of course,


Derek at Put This On has done a wonderful piece on the history of Brooks Brothers’ oxford cloth buttondown: Not to be wistful about days gone by, but there is something uniquely special about these “Golden Era” oxfords. Their particular proportions and collar constructions seem to give them an enviable roll – something like two

Campus Style: The Polo Coat

Think I’ll take it for one last spin today. Came across this passage recently in Nelson W. Aldrich, Jr.’s biography of Tommy Hitchcock, Jr.: The polo coat — long, belted, and made of soft camel’s hair — was still for the most part used by polo players, thrown over their shoulders for warmth between chukkers,

Selling Short: The Shrunken Jacket Image Contest

As “Take Ivy” and countless other photographic documents reveal, jackets were worn on the short side in the declining twilight of the Ivy heyday. But the short jacket’s current hold on the marketplace has all the earmarks of a fashion trend we’ll be laughing at years from now, the same way we laugh at the

York Street: The “Daring New Line” From J. Press

One thing’s for certain: You can’t accuse J. Press of being a sartorial mausoleum run by dinosaurs anymore. Like or dislike its new direction (and you can like it on Facebook), today J. Press took a bold step towards recapturing cultural and fashion relevance with the unveiling of a slick new website. In addition to

Sayonara Rugby

This weekend Rugby Ralph Lauren is scheduled to shutter its online doors, joining Chaps…. ….and Polo University Club… … in the Avalon of failed attempts to reach a younger consumer. And that younger consumer seems to be getting younger with each new decade. While Rugby had a spirit of irreverence and winking irony for Generation

Lost Youth: J. Press’ York Street Collection

In our recent post on the rise and fall of Ivy, we noted how since the fall of the Ivy League Look J. Press has gradually gone from a young man’s brand to an old man’s, while the clothes have remained largely the same. Well as we’ve reported previously, J. Press is going after a