Men’s Clothing

Bastian’s First At Bat

Is a home run.  Why a home run?  He rolled the cuffs, and no socks. Kidding.  Kinda. Michael Bastian and Brooks Brothers gave the first look yesterday,  less of a collection and more of a message, and it is a brilliant one.  And I was the first one out of the gate screeching that tee

Why Ivy Guys?

Editor’s Note:  Why Ivy Guys? is a title I guess I am stealing from Zoe, to be a monthly column about the perception of Ivy guys.  We will also do a Why Ivy Ladies except I need someone to write it and give me a title I can steal.  This’ll be monthly too.  The columns. 

Paul Stuart is not competing with Brooks Brothers.

This, folks, is the collar of Paul Stuart’s new offering, the Oxford Non Iron Sports Shirt.  That is what they call it.  That is not what I call it.  Tom Turner of our site emailed me this yesterday and we had a great talk about it (that man knows the business of ocbd’s better than