The Christmas Playlist

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Since I like to doodle at the piano and believe this to be the most wonderful time of the year, I break out the Christmas sheet music the day after Thanksgiving so I can enjoy a whole month of playing yuletide hymns. Of course the retailers start earlier and earlier, but decorations and music are just annoying until Thanksgiving is over with.

I’ve shared some Christmas music here before, but this year I wondered if I could whittle down my holiday favorites to a top-10 list. It actually wasn’t that hard, so here they are. With one exception, they’re all songs from my childhood.

We begin in the year 1963 in the midst of the Ivy heyday. Jack Jones released what I still consider the best Christmas album ever, though clearly I’m biased as I grew up on it. My parents had it and I was born just three weeks before Christmas, so I was probably hearing this from my first days. There are three lesser-known songs from the album that made my list. Above is “The Village Of St. Bernadette.”  A beautiful and fairly rare tune; I know Andy Williams also recorded it around the same time.

Next we have Jones doing the simple ballad “Lullybye Of Christmas Eve.” This one packs extra potency when it comes to stirring up memories. The ability of music to randomly conjure up memories is fascinating, even more so when a melody brings up things not otherwise connected to it, because the feeling of the melody seems to express the feeling of the memory. Schopenhauer, who called music the queen of the arts, writes about this at length. (Continue)

White Friday

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Stuff your stocking with stocking ties from White of New Haven.


Happy Thanksgiving From 1923

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Be thankful for then — and now.


UVA Fraternity Party, 1963

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From the article “Old School: The Photographs Of Ed Roseberry” in the UVA alumni magazine. — CC


Bill Of Wrongs

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EPSON scanner image

Bill Cosby is invoking his right to remain silent, so to speak, on the flood of allegations against him.

Cosby was the subject of an Ivy Style post during year one for his role — and wardrobe — on the TV show “I Spy.”

As seen in the photo above, taken during a performance at Carnegie Hall, Cosby wore the Ivy League Look when it was smart, current and respectable, and like many others stopped wearing it when the look went out of fashion.

With new shows in development cut by two different networks, it looks like Cosby himself is peremanently out of fashion.

This weekend the Washington Post came out with a detailed timeline of Cosby’s alleged assaults. — CC


The Postgraduate

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Somehow I don’t think Benjamin Braddock looked like this much longer after the film ends.

From a 1962 issue of Esquire. — CC



41: Bush Junior On Bush Senior

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There’s a new biography on preppiest president George HW Bush, written by none other than his son, the other George Bush. Father and son are pictured above.

The Washington Post has an excerpt and review here.

OK, so 41 was wearing sack suits and striped watchbands when Reagan’s look was what Paul Fussell calls “LA County chutzpah,” but was he a good president? — CC & CS

Was George HW Bush a good president?

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