Dartmouth’s Animal House Fraternity Loses Appeal

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On Friday it was announced that Alpha Delta, the Darmouth fraternity that partly inspired the film “Animal House,” had lost its appeal to maintain recognition by the college.

The fraternity lost its official recognition for allegedly branding its members. According to a report on the Huffington Post:

College officials have declined to provide details, but the fraternity’s attorney, George Ostler has described the branding as a voluntary form of self-expression like body piercing or tattooing. He said the practice was never a condition of membership and has since stopped.

It’s not a good time for fraternities nationwide. The article goes on to say:

Dartmouth’s decision comes amid increased scrutiny of fraternities as colleges nationwide grapple with issues of high-risk drinking and sexual assault.

On a lighter note, let’s revisit the costuming of “Animal House.” Looking at this set of screenshots by the blog Sartorially Inclined from the early Ivy Trendwatch days of 2010, there’s an impressive array of clothing, from ascots and boutonnieres all the way down to the most casual stuff.

Different clothes for different occasions is a concept that is increasinly slipping away. I just filed a story to one of the rag trade trade rags about “sportscore” or “athleisure,” or basically wearing sweatpants when you’re not sweating. — CC

File Under H For Hosiery

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Last night I attended an event held at “the lodge,” a funky townhouse in the distinguished Upper East Side environs of Fifth Avene and 77th Street. It’s the showroom for the brand VK Nagrani, which caters to “alpha males,” or jet-setters with money to burn.

But it also caters to another jet-setter whose aircraft was none other than Air Force One. VK Nagrani began as a sock brand, and George Bush, who’s taken to wild socks in his old age, is one of the brand’s most distinguished fans, as Town & Country reports. Nagrani has even made a special sock just for him with the presidential seal.

Those of you who crave more options in over-the-calf hosiery should check these out.

And H doesn’t just stand for hosiery. The showroom’s sock display case is an old card catalog salvaged from Harvard. — CC


Whale Of A Tale: The Preppiest Office In America

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Yesterday I had a long discussion with a writer from Put This On about the waxing and waning of Ivy and prep over the decades. One of the topics was how watered-down the term “preppy” has become in the mainstream media.

Emphasis on water.

Yesterday Bloomberg.com put up a video segment on what it called “the preppiest office in America,” namely, the new Stamford, CT headquarters of Vineyard Vines.

Apparently preppy is now synonymous with nautical. I posted the video clip at Masculine Interiors, despite the lack of a swordfish mounted on the wall. — CC


Take Five

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Take a five minute break and listen to some music. Actually, you’ll need more like 15.

Last night ABC’s “World News Tonight” reported on a new documentary on the plight of music in Pakistan. An important topic to be sure, but what does that have to do with us here?

The story recounts a 1962 goodwill trip by Americans to Pakistan, which included First Lady Jackie Kennedy and cultural ambassador Dave Brubeck, who’s been featured on Ivy Style a number of times. (Continue)


Ray-Bans, Rep Ties & Buttondowns: The “Style” Of Rand Paul

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Is Rand Paul the coolest/squarest/hip-to-be-squarest politician so far in the 2016 presidential race?

While he’s yet to be spotted in JFK’s Nantucket reds, or GHWB’s striped watchbands and J. Press suits, Rand’s wardrobe has the tradly touches of buttondown collars, conventional striped ties, and gold-buttoned navy blazers.

That’s pretty unusual for a pol in the national spotlight, where all of them sport the American Boardroom look of blue suit, white shirt with moderate-spread collar, and shiny tie in random pop color. With presumably an army of advisers, Paul will no doubt make his wardrobe more generic as he gets more air time.

Paul is known for another style quirk that harkens back to our 35th president: he’s more than willing to be photographed in sunglasses, and has a special fondness for Ray-Ban Wayfarers.

However, recently Luxottica, parent company of Ray-Ban, asked Paul to stop selling Wayfarers with his own branding on them (i.e. his name). The shades were being hawked on Paul’s website with the tagline “the intersection of politics and cool,” an intersection that, try as they might, has never actually been found on any map.

Final note: lest Ivy Style be accused of endorsing one political party over the other, “style” was put in quotation marks in the headline. When it comes to politicians and clothes, the term “style” should always be used loosely. — CC (Continue)



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Who was that in yesterday’s pic of Muhammad Ali? None other than the great singer Sam Cooke, who died of a gunshot wound in 1964 at the age of 33.

He’s pictured above in tab collar and emblematic tie, which appears to depict a griffin or lion rampant. The grass background even suggests a campus setting.

One of his biggest hits was “You Send Me,” which he wrote himself and released in 1957. — CC (Continue)

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