Black History Month: The Guys Of Ivy’s Facebook Group

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I’m rather proud of the fact that Ivy Style, to the best of my knowledge, is the only preppy site on the web to regularly honor Black History Month. After all, as I often point out, it was my piece on Miles Davis and the Andover Shop for RL Magazine that inspired me to launch this website.

This year we pay tribute not to men of the past, but of today. I’d noticed over the past couple of months that there were several guys on our Facebook page that had become the most avid with sharing their outfits were African American. So when February came along I floated the idea by them of having them on the front page, and they said they’d be honored.

In general you’ll notice that when it comes to dressing these guys aren’t hidebound by narrow genre parameters. They embrace colors and juxtapositions. Above all they seem to be having fun with their clothes rather than anxiously sweating abstract or antiquated notions of correctness.

They also look like pretty nice guys. And so for 2015 we salute our very own brethren. — CHRISTIAN CHENSVOLD (Continue)

The Rise Of Modern Prep: MRket Trade Show Recap

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The concept of modern prep may really be nothing new. Use the term loosely enough and you could say it goes back to the 1920s, when the Ivy League Look first began to codify.

A couple of weeks ago saw another edition of the big menswear tradeshow known as MRket, and this time there was a new section of the show floor called Modern Prep. Given that there’s an enormous area devoted to Italian style, I thought it was a great move on behalf of the show producers to recognize American brands flying the tradition-with-a-twist flag.

The very “Rowing Blazers” image above was used throughout the show on signs and other marketing materials. It was also part of the show guide/brochure for Modern Prep: (Continue)


Battle Of The Wits Contest: What Does The Ivy League Smell Like?

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Recently I was investigating manly candles (mandles?) because that’s the sort of important thing you do when you start working the home accessories beat.

I discovered an apparently now-discontinued line of scented candles that were sold at Neiman Marcus. Although the brand had the silly name of Many Indulgence, the different scents had fun names like Bachelor Pad, Humidor, Black Tuxedo, Suit & Tie, and White Collar.

There’s also one called Ivy League, which cracked me up. I ordered two from eBay — one for myself and one for the Ivy Style reader who can come up with the most incisive quip to the following question:

What does the Ivy League smell like?

Sharpen your wit and use the leave-comment feature to enter the contest. One entry per person (you’re on the honor system). The staff will sift through the entries and select the most zinging zinger.

A couple suggestions. You could go heyday or contemporary in your wisecrack, though I think that for a heyday-focused one to sparkle it would need to be from a present point of view, as in:

It smells like the ashes of tweed and the gentleman’s C.

A straight-up contemporary bon mot might be something along the lines of:

It smells like overachievers in hooded sweatshirts.

No need to have a sartorial reference, though, as the possibilities are almost endless. We’ll keep the contest burning until midnight Eastern time on Monday.

Oh, and one more thing. Just so you know, the prize is kind of a dud. The candle doesn’t fill the room with any fragrance at all, certainly nothing manly or indulgent. So this contest is more for bragging rights. I’d suggest using the candle for:

1) A trophy on your mantle for having outwitted all the other readers of

2) A source of illumination in the event of a power outage




The Art Of Patricia van Essche

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I think I’m not the only one here who has a fondness for the art of fashion illustration, from the legendary work of Laurence Fellows for Esquire and Apparel Arts to the Japanese artists who fill each issue of Free & Easy.

This afternoon Town & Country magazine tweeted a post about artist Patricia van Essche, whose done a series of depictions of preppy life for J. McLaughlin.

Head over here for the full slideshow. — CC (Continue)


Smoke Screen: Campus Pipe Ads

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There’s smoke on your computer screen, thanks to this selection of ads from the late ’40s and ’50s, mostly from the Daily Princetonian and Yale Daily News.

Leave a comment if this post inspires any of you young men to take up the briar. Chens started at age 21. — CS & CC (Continue)


Super Bowl Sunday Sartorial Showdown: ‘Pats & ‘Hawks Vs. Vince Lombardi

Sun 1 Feb 2015 - Filed under: Sport — Christian
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Packers legendary coach Vince Lombardi, in fedora, buttondown and striped tie, casts a cool gaze across the field…. (Continue)

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