Singing The Blues

Many of you are probably feeling blue today, even if you’re not in a blue state. So here’s a little tune called “Harvard Blues,” which was written by a young student named George Frazier, who would go on to become Esquire’s style critic and best pal of Charlie Davidson of The Andover Shop. The song

JFK vs. GHWB: Vote For America’s Preppiest President

The day has finally arrived! Yes Ivy Style readers, it’s your chance to vote on who was America’s preppiest president. Here are the candidates and their qualifications: John F. Kennedy Catholic Choate Harvard Spee Club Swimming Navy Family compound: Hyannis Port, Cape Cod Hobby: sailing Clothier: Chipp Style signatures: sunglasses, no socks, Nantucket Reds George

By George He’s Got It: Is Bush 41 Our Preppiest Prez?

On Wednesday George HW Bush celebrated his 89th birthday, and well-wishers were encouraged to honor the occasion by donning whimsical socks. Go-to-hell hosiery has become Bush’s trademark now that he’s at that age when dressing becomes something of a challenge. Although JFK often gets credit for being America’s preppiest president, the honor really goes to

Jack and John: The Sartorial Dichotomy of JFK

Was John F. Kennedy the most Ivy of US presidents, or did the most important man in the country actually encourage American men not to follow the Ivy League Look? That depends on whether you’re talking about President Kennedy the nation’s leader, or Jack Kennedy relaxing among friends and family in Hyannis Port. On assignment

A Pin Too Far Revisited

Continuing  on the collar-pin theme, back in February I came across an image that I’m guessing was posted to Ivy’s Facebook group by Marc Chevalier, menswear omnivore and collector of vintage images. It showed Fred Astaire simultaneously wearing a collar pin and buttondown, not with the collar hanging straight and the buttons unused, as in

Can You Guess? A Pinned Club Collar Makes You….?

What does a pinned collar make you? Why, there’s only one answer: The three-button undarted suit makes you trad, sunglasses worn with a suit make you cool, and the hat makes you retro. Accessorize as you see fit, but once again Ivy Style HQ encourages you to consider adding a pinned collar in your buttondown

Talk Ivy: Kamakura Shirts Interview With CC

I was hoping to have something really special to share with you guys, but alas fate had other ideas. This summer I was approached by Kamakura Shirts, who wanted to do a video interview with me. I suggested doing it at the famed New York watering hole The Campbell Apartment, and we were able to

We’re A Culture, Not A Costume

My name is Nate. I’m a junior at Yale and I’m here to talk about Halloween. You may think Halloween is just a silly holiday for kids to get free candy and adults to dress up like zombies and hookers. But Halloween is actually a traumatic ordeal when many members of marginalized and gated communities

How A Couple Of Baseball Players Founded Harvey Ltd., Brown’s Campus Shop

In honor of the World Series, which commenced last night, Chris Sharp brings us a baseball story combined with Ivy clothes and college life. * * * Professor Frederick R. Lapides gave his oral history to Rutgers University in 2006. In the interview, he said that two large clans in New Haven shared his surname.

Does Color Matter? CC Rounds Up Expert Analysis For Gent’s Journal

As I mentioned recently, I’ve begun contributing to The Gentleman’s Journal, a London-based luxury men’s magazine that just launched a US version of its website. I’ll occasionally share pieces when I think they’re germane to the Ivy Style community. Given that color plays a primal role in preppy style, my latest should be of interest.

Ivy Style Completes Year Eight With Look Back At Top Posts From Year One

This month Ivy Style celebrates its eighth anniversary. Tempus fugit! Yes, October is the month I typically say thank you to our readers, sponsors and contributors. Special thanks go out to associate editor Chris Sharp, columnist Richard Press, contributor G. Bruce Boyer, and friend and neighbor Daniel Greenwood, with whom I’m privileged to regularly discuss

Graham Marsh x Jim Marshall’s Jazz Festival + Kamakura Shirts

Last week Kamakura Shirts used its Madison Avenue location for a soiree book signing for Graham Marsh. Marsh, an author, designer and illustrator, is one of the biggest names in the UK Ivy community. He has also collaborated with Kamakura on a line of vintage Ivy shirts. The party was in celebration of a new

For Your Consideration: The Wool Grenadine Tie

While at Kamakura last week something caught my eye on their meticulously folded tie table. It was an unusual texture, and when I investigated, sure enough it turned out to be in a grenadine weave, but made of only 20 percent silk, the rest being wool. I quickly messaged Mr. G. Bruce Boyer, who agreed

The Bit Slip

Who knew Gucci made a slipper version of its iconic bit loafer? Pair with velvet smoking jacket for relaxing evenings at home. Price $570. — CC

BB ’88: Twilight Of The Golden Fleece

Saturday night I found myself strolling up Sixth Avenue with the melancholy opening melody from Mendelssohn’s Violin Concerto stuck in my mind. I’d just heard the piece at one of those sparsely attended church concerts where you can hear classical music for practically free but we live in an era when you can’t even give

Secrets of Sprezzatura: How to Wear a Crewneck

In our last “Secrets of Sprezzatura” post, we showed you how to achieve an air of ars-est-celare-artem nonchalance by wearing your shirt collar deliberately messed up while feigning obliviousness to it. For this installment, we look at the excruciatingly correct way to wear a crewneck, though we’re at a loss to explain how it became

Country Gentlemen: Norman Hilton And Princeton In The Thirties

Nick Hilton is not only a clothier but a great writer who has just lent his prose skills to a tribute of his father Norman, who made some of the finest natural-shoulder clothing during the heyday and who was one of the first to bank his money on a rising new talent named Ralph Lauren.

Prepare For Descent: The Shoulder Angle Alteration

Earlier this summer I met with Lee Denslow of Emerson Bespoke, a Connecticut-based clotheshorse who’s having a blast running a little side business making custom clothing. Lee was making me a tweed sportcoat (which I’ll share soon), and the measuring and finishing was done by his associates at Alterations Master, located just a few doors

CC For Gentleman’s Journal On The Art Of The Slow Dance

Update: 12:26 PM EST I’ve just been informed that the story at The Gentleman’s Journal linked below is not loading. My apologies and I’ve informed my editor to investigate the broken link. Update: 12:49 Link should be working. * * * I’ve recently begun writing for The Gentleman’s Journal, a London-based luxury magazine with close

The Red Sweater In ’80s Brooks Brothers Catalogs, Plus Current Stock

Quick, before we reach peak red sweater! Here are some scans from Brooks Brothers catalogs from the early ’80s, featuring red sweaters for men and women, plus a turtleneck and sclarlet vest:     As for what’s currently available, there are a few, though no cable knits. Here’s a wool crewneck for $148: Wool v-neck,

The Red Sweater

I turned on the debate last night for 30 seconds before switching it off to watch my DVD from Netflix, which, by bizarre coincidence, was “The Fall Of The Roman Empire.” So this morning I awoke to an email from Ivy Style contributor James Kraus. Apparently it doesn’t take much to distinguish oneself sartorially these