The Case For Wrist Watches

Editor’s Note: Dean Ricciardi is a friend first, a volunteer on the site, and as it turns out a serious watch enthusiast who can write. The first in a series. The cover shot is Michael Nardi’s Cartier Tank Must Large Solarbeat. I received my first watch when I was starting first grade. It had a

Ivy Notes (Updated cause it took you all less than an hour).

Got some suggestions for topics, some anonymous some attributed. In no particular order… K, you can learn more about the Sid Mashburn Western Work Shirt in Blue/White University Stripe here. K I know what I think, but what do you think? Second, Mike Nardi had a great idea that I am modifying just a little.

Bigfoot Sighting On Vacation

On vacation this week but. Saw this in the wild and bought it. This was in the pocket. Catalog so old that there is no website, NJ has a separate 800 number, and it costs more to ship west of Denver. Removable lining. Never been worn (I don’t think). Won’t tell you what I paid

The Ivyist

First off, we clearly need to add watches into our canon here. I will be more diligent on that point. The discussion led me to some interesting thinking about quality and its relationship to cost. Recently, we bought a car that we expect to hand down to our daughter. Until we got in it. It

Watch Yourself

K, so GQ released an article about affordable watches that celebs wear. I don’t care about celebs, but I do care about affordable. And I was down. There was the John Mayer/G Shock marriage. Bear with me. A word about John Mayer. NOT Ivy, but a remarkable guitarist. And a truly remarkable blues guitarist. He

Usher In A New Era

Editor’s Note: Reprinted with permission from a FB Group post by Richard Clark Usher will headline the halftime show at next Sunday’s Super Bowl LVIII. In 2005, the singer, songwriter, and dancer invested $9 million in the Cleveland Cavs, giving him a one percent stake in the team. Not long after that, Usher flew a

The Ivyist

In today’s mail: Hello, Mr. Burton. I’ve just become acquainted with Ivy Style based on a recent Mercer shirt purchase. As you know, it is becoming very hard to purchase traditional men’s  clothing. Since Nordstrom stopped making its 100% cotton dress trousers house brand, I’m unable to locate a product to my liking. Berle is just “OK”

Welcome Home Mercer!

No less than Bruce Boyer calls them “the Original.” Now Mercer returns to Ivy Style. Please welcome David and Serena back by visiting their site and treating yourself.

The Ivyist Part Two

Thank you for all of the good thinking. I thought I would consolidate the feedback and do one more article before making a call. First, there was discussion about whether Ivy Style retains ownership over content because we do not pay for content. There were a few notes suggesting that we SHOULD pay, and that

The Ivyist.

Editor’s Note: Here and on the FB group I often get asked for advice or an opinion, mostly about clothes but sometimes about other stuff. So I’m starting this feature, randomly, for us to weigh in. NOT POLITICS. But life. In the fall of 2023 I put forward to the group this thinking. I think

Rugged & Refined

Editor’s Note: Thanks to Mitchell for this piece on Lauren. You can read more of his work by following the links in the article. Uncle Ralph was kind enough to add my name to a V.I.P.-only email newsletter called the “Polo Gazzette” and my first impression was that Mr. Lauren had read my mind (or

Something’s Coming

Editor’s Note: Thanks to Dan Covell for yet another great essay. It reminded me of our playlist on Spotify. Always feel free to request additions. Without further ado… Thanks to some of the seminal contributors to this site, we regular readers have been made aware of the many connections between Ivy Style and music, starting

MLK Visits The Ivy League – Part Two

by Rashid Faisal Dr. King delivered his lecture at 11 AM at Sage Chapel. His sermon was titled “The Three Dimensions of Life,” based on Revelations 21:16 from the Bible. According to Dr. King, the three dimensions of life were self-interest, interest in others, and love of God, which he used to explain the positives

MLK Visits The Ivy League – Part One

Editor’s Note: Rashid Faisal, the author of this amazing work, has been featured on the site here. He is a relentless dresser, a relentless academic, and a great dad. This series will be featured in five parts. I am a HUGE fan, and you will be too. – JB Introduction Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

What Is Happening At Harvard Part Two

First, thank you for a civil conversation. That point I got crucified for making where I talked about Ivy representing values as much as it does fashion? The comment section of the last post proves that point. Smart people sometimes disagreeing with each other civilly. I know there are those who say that Ivy Style

What Is Happening At Harvard?

There is a Crimson elephant in the room that, while I wouldn’t walk under it, does deserve a good look and a peanut. This is the first paragraph of Claudine Gay’s resignation letter: Dear Members of the Harvard Community, It is with a heavy heart but a deep love for Harvard that I write to