Ivy-Style: The Podcast with Rhys Moore

Hey, this Tuesday sitting down to wine and Ivy with Rhys Moore, the CEO of St Johns Bay Rum Company. Rhys is SERIOUS old school Ivy but … hilarious. Rhys Moore If you have any questions you want me to ask, please drop them in the comments. Rhys is a serious fox hunter, can tie

Happy Birthday To Richard Press

Richard Press turns 85 today, please join me in wishing him the happiest of birthdays. I say his age because he said it first, on our podcast which you can hear here. In 1937, the year of his birth, there was a lot in the air. Literally. Amelia Earhart disappeared, the Hindenburg did too, and

Ivy Notes S2 – E8

Old School found a… I don’t know what it is but it has some great moments, it is called Take Ivy and it is 7 minutes. Check it out here. The Amazing Tom is reading this book: Contributor Chris Modlin sent in this follow up to yesterday’s piece about habit creation and practice: check it

Profile In Ivy – Tom Heany

I am committed to doing many more profiles than last year. Well, actually, I am committed to doing more of everything than the last half of last year. So here we go. Got back from the gym this morning, it was packed. A lot of resolutions. I am personally down 46 pounds from my biggest

From Mobile to Manhattan: A Sartorial Journey

By Scott Rye Joining Loyal American Life Insurance Co. as a clerk in 1955, the year the company was formed, 24-year-old Matt Metcalfe rose quickly through the ranks, becoming secretary and a director just three years later, and executive vice president two years after that. At the beginning of 1960, the company listed assets of

Every Tie Has A Story

Editor’s Note: First, THANK YOU to James Grant who threw in a great story while I am finishing up my family’s medical issues. Second, the site is still not repaired so apologies for only one image but this is such a great piece you probably won’t mind. When I was a boy, I once asked

Podcast Talk (See What I Did There?)

The show is #2 globally right now on MX.   A few of you have written in that the audio is low on Richard in some spots.  I think I can fix that further for Part 2 (I sent the show to an engineer). Some of you have asked why the show is on MX.

Ivy Style: The Podcast Episode 1 Part 1

J. Press presented the inaugural broadcast.  Can you even imagine?  It was amazing to be in the J. Press store in Manhattan, watching and recording Richard Press hold court and none other in our genre can.   You can listen to the show here.  I broke the show up into two parts, next part to launch

Ivy Notes S2 E7

It was a remarkable night. Unlike Richard’s first show with me, this one was ALL Ivy. It’ll be posted on Monday.     I will say this though.  My daughter is a giant Richard Press fan, and asked to come down to see him again.  She and her boyfriend were once again the only teens

Tonight, J. Press Presents Ivy-Style: The Podcast

So a few things.  First, a giant thank you.  This podcast was supposed to get going earlier but family medical stuff made that impossible.  But the advertisers and sponsors have been just amazing and understanding. I will be at J. Press in Manhattan at around 5, we get going around 6, wrap it up around

J. Press Presents…

The first Ivy-Style Podcast.  I am so jazzed (see what I did there?) to be the host of the very first Ivy-Style podcast, at J. Press Manhattan, with no less than Richard Press as my first guest.  And you can be there.  First, if you are not on their email list, do yourself a favor

Ok, If The Tryptophan Has Worn Off, Start Shopping.

That tryptophan thing, according to the Sleep Foundation, is a myth. Two sales that look very good I wanted to bring to your attention: First, Jay Butler is running 20% OFF sitewide…  you want to take a look.  If you want to see Ivy applications of these great shoes, go here.  I have had them

Grandpacore For The Holidays

Editor’s Note:  Very grateful this Thanksgiving for all of you, and for Mitchell, the author of this post. Very recently, the internet was buzzing over a photo of supermodel “it girl” Gigi Hadid wearing what fashion editors dubbed “Grandpacore”. The overall aesthetic (I know John hates that term) is retro, yet thoroughly cutting-edge contemporary, and