Complete The Outfit

Here’s an Ivy Style reader busting out his polo coat with, he admitted, “lapels wide enough to land a plane on.” Note the timeless four-ingredient combo of polo coat, blazer, OCBD and Argyll & Sutherland tie, here rendered as a bow. Now how about what’s unseen: namely belt, trouser, sock and shoe? What should the

In Praise of the Small Wardrobe

Perhaps because I scribe for a living, and know that a piece of writing always benefits from cutting,* I’ve always been a ruthless editor of my own wardrobe. There’s always something that can be discarded for being redundant, having fulfilled its use, or not being quite right. The simple test is to look at an

Dateline 1967: A Veritable Time-Lapse Of Dress And Grooming Change On Campus

A reader sent me these three photos illustrating the rapid change in dress and grooming on campus beginning in 1967. These shots are of our friends up north at the University of Alberta, and feature the same club seen over three academic years. Above is the year ’67-’68. Below, ’68-’69: And finally, with barbers and

Foot Of The Charles: Rowing Blazers Oars Pop-Up Shop Into Boston

As a longtime admirer of Jack Carlson’s “cryptic menswear brand” Rowing Blazers, I felt a pang of injustice when his New York pop-up emerged in October. When would Boston, the seat of the Head of the Charles itself, receive its turn? Turns out I didn’t have to wait too long. At the start of the

Family Guy: The Richard Press Interview

  Today, on the first day of Hanukkah 2017, we revisit one of Ivy Style’s top posts, CC’s 2011 interview with Richard Press, which was reprinted in the book accompanying the MFIT “Ivy Style” exhibit. Chag Sameach! * * * For years Richard Press would leave work at the J. Press store in New York

Festive Footwear

‘Tis the season for holiday parties, culminating in the biggest one of the year: New Year’s Eve. So if you’re the kind of die-hard insouciant prep who wears his everyday white (or pink) oxford buttondown with black tie, and who can’t bear to be shod in anything but penny loafers, Bass might have just the

A Handsome Gift Idea

J. Press just got in a pair of wonderful gifts for the Yalie in your life, with a nifty connection to Ivy Style. The artist — Deborah Fowler Greenwood — is the mother of our very own Millennial Fogey DCG! The prints feature the NYC Yale Club as well as mascot Handsome Dan, are part

The Man Who Brought Ivy To Japan

Since the 1960s, Japan has been an important part of the story of the Ivy League Look, and during a few dark periods the island nation has played an important role in preventing the style from possible extinction. Anyone interested in the Ivy-Japan connection will eventually encounter the name Kensuke Ishizu — perhaps on the

Golden Years: Sayonara To Old Nassau

Yesterday marked the anniversary of Pearl Harbor, and so we revisit this relevant column from Richard Press that originally ran in 2012. * * * Jacobi Press opened his Princeton branch on Nassau Street in the mid-1930s and assigned my father regular checkups on the store. Lou Prager, founder of Chipp in 1947 with another

Big Bad John

Tomorrow the TV series “The Crown,” which chronicles the life of England’s Queen Elizabeth II, features JFK and Jackie in its new episode. But the British series will be presenting an image of the former president far less flattering than American audiences are accustomed to, according to media reports. Here’s an excerpt from a Q&A

Standing Athwart History

Shot taken presumably in the ’80s, with the caption indicating that the men had hardly changed their attire since they were students at Harvard circa 1960. Of course, it’s possible then went all shaggy in the ’70s and then returned to their roots during the preppy ’80s. From the book “A Privileged Life.” — CC

Collegiate Grooming Showdown: Vitalis vs. Brylcreem

Princeton, NJ resident Bill Stephenson graduated from the University of Oklahoma in 1954 and lived in the Delta Upsilon fraternity house. Herein he shares his thoughts on haircuts and grooming products during the heyday of the Ivy League Look. Back in the day, undergraduates throughout the US looked pretty similar when it came to hairstyles,

Harvard Vs. Princeton — The Haircut Showdown

What’s an “Ivy League” haircut when there are eight schools, each with its own quirks and distinctions? And so, according to one barber, at least two schools were known for their particular cut. Here’s the Harvard: And here’s the Princeton: And the young man pictured at top getting fitted in New Haven, with what looks

This Is The Haircut For You

This is the haircut for you — but you probably already knew that. Unless you’ve got a kind of floppy English-schoolboy ‘do, or some post-heyday ’70s length. I just got a short cut last week, and it was the most thorough and fastidious visit to the barbershop in my life. Granted the guy wet-shaved my

Deerfield Academy Home Movie, 1966

An Ivy Style Facebook group member dug up this fantastic video shot at the prep school Deerfield in 1966, which was only rediscovered last year. It’s a combination of “Take Ivy” and “Dead Poets Society” come to life, with soccer, extensive shots of nature and architecture in the first half, and then tremendous sartorial variations

Holiday Eye Candy: Christmas Decor Inspiration From Scot Meacham Wood

San Francisco-based interior designer and Ralph Lauren alum Scot Meacham Wood, who not too long ago launched his own tartan-loaded home collection, offers some holiday decor images to inspire the decking of halls. He’s also having a Cyber Monday sale, so head over there quick and use the code SMWHome. — CC

Golden Years: Insider Trading And Irish Oys

“Oy, dot muzt be de texxis cab,” was my stage character’s opening line responding to the honking car offstage as the curtain rose on the 1976 Van Dam Theatre production of 1920s vintage classic “Abie’s Irish Rose. ” One of the demands of my leading role as well-to-do immigrant widower Solomon Levy was affecting a

Bohemian in a Sack Suit: The 1959 Brooks Brothers Novel

This post originally ran in 2010 and was Ivy Style’s 200th post. Today we’re up to 1,600. * * * For Ivy-Style’s 200th post, I thought I’d break out something special I’ve been sitting on for awhile. Last year, between Los Angeles and New York, I spent six months in my old environs of the

Raccoon Season

Historically, Ivy style has always championed durability and functionality. Nowhere is this truer than in the realm of outerwear, where such weathered classics as the toggle coat and balmacaan remain viable and timeless. However, at certain vivacious moments in the style’s history, discerning collegiate sartorialists have exchanged the reliable for the resplendent, the austere for

Tony Curtis And The French Buttondown

We’ve been on the topic of watches lately, and will now segue to another metallic accessory, and one that’s far rarer in Tradsville: the cufflink. Pictured is Tony Curtis in a custom shirt (note monogram) consisting of buttondown collar and French cuffs. We can only assume the stubble was for an acting role. It’s an

Solid Tie, Striped Watchband: GHWB & The Preppy Wrist

In light of the recent posts on watches, we revisit this one from 2013. * * * Last month we paid a style tribute to George HW Bush. But since then the preppiest prez has made news a couple more times, so we’ll give him an encore with a focus on one of his trademark

A Century Of Traction: The 100th Anniversary Of The Cartier Tank

Ah, the Cartier Tank watch. To many trad aficionados, it is a holy grail, like the perfect set of P3s. To others — those who prefer thrift shop wristwatches selling for less than $50 dangling from brightly colored straps costing less than a fiver — it is little more than a crass display of materialism

Time For Something New: Timex Introduces Retro Manual Watch

Since the founding of Tradsville (the online community of Preppy-Ivy-Trad-Americana) in 2004 on the Ask Andy forum, getting a Timex Easy Reader, plus an assortment of striped bands, has been a veritable right of passage, as well as a kind of pledge of allegiance. The watch sends a variety of signals, including frugality, the rejection