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I am pleased to announce that Mountain & Sackett have joined the site as advertisers.  Please click on their logo and start shopping.  You can read about them here, as well.  American made, highest quality.  

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From The Editor

  Ivy is a fashion born of a mindset manifested in a lifestyle.  There are values attached:  dignity, the value and power of thought, ethics, hard work, aesthetics, appreciation of all things classic, and the dogged pursuit of excellence.   While Ivy evolves (I haven’t worn socks since Easter) the values don’t.  If you are a

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From The Archives

With A Little Bit Of Luck

With a little bit of luck — as the song goes — the year is off to a good start, all things considered, and you’re feeling flush. Congrats, and your good fortune continues, as Leffot is taking orders until February 7 for its limited-edition shell cordovan bit loafer made in collaboration with Rancourt. We live

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My Baby Did Not Go To Columbia.

I remember getting lit up one time by a reader in the Facebook Group about wearing a Harvard sweatshirt when I didn’t go to Harvard.  And in his profile pic,the guy was wearing a Yankee cap. I used to think it was a measure of intelligence to be able to hold both sides of an

Ivy Notes S1 E24

I saw sweaters for sale on Greenwich Avenue yesterday.  It is back to school time.  Which is weird because that used to be the third week of August.  Yet, here we are. First, check out J. Press’s Pennant Label.   They USE the word “Ivy.”     I have been toying with the idea of starting

Pants That Cover Your Heart

This story has a lot of names you are going to recognize, and one I am proud to introduce you to.  Brooks Brothers.  You know them, right?   They had an executive named May Tan.  Finance.  Southwick Apparel?  They had a CFO, May Tan.  May has a big time resume in corporate, as do I,

Fists of Ivy Fury

Editor’s Note: S.E. wrote this comment, which I am reprinting without permission because, well, it was already printed here. It is a great response to the Ties-Are-Dying crowd. The wearing of a necktie is an act of rebellion. Hell, the same can be said for opting for Classic Ivy. But more about that in a

Ivy Notes S1 E23

It’s a Friday in July, but I have three things. First, The Amazing Tom sent me another article from WSJ on how the Tie Association is disbanding, and it started with a sentence so stupid I had to meditate again after I read it this morning.  I am not even going to link this stupidity,

Ivy-Style. The Podcast.

  Richard Press has agreed to be our first guest.  Eric Twardzik has agreed to be a guest.  I am pitching G. Bruce Boyer a whole other thing, but worst case scenario I will beg him to be a guest. Who would you like to hear?  The format is going to be an hour interview,

Eric @ The Andover Shop

Editor’s Note:  Eric Twardzik is one of the most skilled men’s fashion writers working today, so when we had a chance to publish his behind-the-scenes take on The Andover Shop, we leaped at it.  We were right.  On the day that I was asked to work at The Andover Shop, I was not looking particularly

It’s Not The Years, Honey, It’s The Mileage

When I first posted about Jay Butler loafers almost a year ago I was pretty happy about them.  If you are new here, and 3/4’s of you are, a quick Jay Butler primer for you.   Jay Butler shoes are different in that they were designed like moccasins.  So you wear them for a bit