The Dover Boys At Pimento University, 1942

Mon 29 Dec 2014 - Filed under: Film — Christian
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A reader tipped us off on this one. It’s amazing what you guys know. — CC

Katnip Kollege, 1938

Sun 28 Dec 2014 - Filed under: Film — Christian
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OK, it’s officially Cartoon Week. This one’s from 1938, three years into the swing era. The music is decidedly different from 1932’s “Freddy The Freshman.” — CC


Raw! Raw! Rooster, 1956

Sat 27 Dec 2014 - Filed under: Film — Christian
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It’s inevitable that things wind down at the end of the week, but to devolve into Cartoon Week? Sheesh….

On the plus side, it may be a short week. I did some extensive googling for collegiate-themed animated shorts from the ’30s, but couldn’t actually find anything. Suggestions appreciated. Were there any Madison Avenue spoofs? — CC


Freddy The Freshman, 1932

Fri 26 Dec 2014 - Filed under: Film — Christian
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All those holiday cartoons are for kids. This one’s for college men.


The Ivy Style Christmas Mix

Tue 23 Dec 2014 - Filed under: Jazz — Christian
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For this Christmas, Ivy Style founder Christian Chensvold and contributor/comment leaver Daniel C. Greenwood (“DCG”) are pleased to present a little holiday merry-making. We’d planned to just give you one tune, but ended up with four good takes, so consider this Christmas megamix the equivalent of a Joseph A. Bank sweater sale.

Now the disclaimers:

• We’d never jammed before and had trouble coming in on the same beat, hence all the head-bobbing.

• Session was set up so quickly we didn’t even notice the floor lamp was shining directly into the mirror.

• Computer microphone doesn’t pick up the keyboard well, which sounds soft and thin.

 • Daniel had to read the lyrics on his iPhone

• The Spanish brandy was indeed sherry-like as the sales clerk promised, a bit too much so.

• CC’s handkerchief is sticking out; oddly, not for the first time. It will be taken under advisement.

• Yeti needs a bath.

Merry Christmas from Ivy Style! — CC & DCG


Pop-Up Flea Highlights

Mon 22 Dec 2014 - Filed under: 1990-present,Clothes — Christian
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Last weekend was the Pop-Up Flea show, which has grown considerably. While mostly populated (yes, still) with a kind of hipster/workwear/urban lumberjack vibe, there were a few tradly items worth sharing. (Continue)

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