Wealth of Insight: Jamie Johnson on the WASP Establishment

This post originally ran on April 28, 2009, and is being reposted in the light of a new piece by Town & Country that looks at Jamie Johnson’s documentary “Born Rich” 13 years later, and the famous subject featured therein. * * * Like twilight through faded chintz curtains, the sun is setting on the

A Frayed So: In Praise of Beater Clothes

Previously I’ve written about the Boston Cracked Shoe look, a term applied to certain WASP patricians who would wear items that had far outlived their presentable lifespan. Members of the press discovered the concept during the presidential campaign of Adlai Stevenson when they observed Stevenson had holes in the soles of his shoes while working

We’re A Culture, Not A Costume

My name is Nate. I’m a junior at Yale and I’m here to talk about Halloween. You may think Halloween is just a silly holiday for kids to get free candy and adults to dress up like zombies and hookers. But Halloween is actually a traumatic ordeal when many members of marginalized and gated communities

True Prep: Pink Shirts And Pork Rinds

As a follow-up to our birthday post on George HW Bush, we present this 1988 newspaper column by writer Calvin Trillin, who recently caused an uproar of outrage with his New Yorker poem on Chinese cuisine. Here he takes on the peculiarities of the WASP diet. It was sent to Ivy Style by reader CW,

Squashed! Being A WASP Is Just Bad Politics

Tomorrow is the Iowa caucases and one thing’s for sure: Jeb Bush is going to get squashed. That means his father, pictured above in uber-WASPy squash-themed necktie (albeit not during his presidency) may be destined to be the last WASP president. In a Friday editorial for USA Today, Windsor Mann entitled his column “Trump, Jeb

Corpore Sano: The Preppiest Sport Is Also The Healthiest

On Monday night I was invited by the brand Boast to spectate at the squash Tournament of Champions, currently underway in Vanderbilt Hall at Grand Central Terminal. Coming from a Cali-plebian background, I’d never seen the sport played before. I was very intrigued, though, as for a few years I nursed an intense badminton obsession,

In His Own Words: Audio Clip Of Holloway Denying WASP 101

Update, 7 June, 11:55 AM: Camel City Dispatch has the latest minor developments on the story. Update, 4 June, 10:23 AM: WRAL has pressed Representative Holloway on the WASP 101 story, who has said he’s just another man in a Brooks Brothers tie: Monday night, offered the chance to reconsider his denial, Holloway declined. “I’ve

Is WASP 101 Blogger North Carolina State Rep?

Last night Ivy-Style.com was informed of strange similarities between “Richard,” the author of the WASP 101 blog (above) and Bryan R. Holloway (below), who is serving his fifth term as a Republican state representative of the 91st district in North Carolina. Thirty-five-year-old Holloway is the son of a chicken farmer and teacher’s assistant and is