Update, 7 June, 11:55 AM: Camel City Dispatch has the latest minor developments on the story.

Update, 4 June, 10:23 AM: WRAL has pressed Representative Holloway on the WASP 101 story, who has said he’s just another man in a Brooks Brothers tie:

Monday night, offered the chance to reconsider his denial, Holloway declined.

“I’ve just made the only comment that I’m going to make, and that’s it. I’m going to stick by what I said. I don’t really see it as news or a story, so we’re just finished with it.”

Holloway said the coincidental similarities between himself and “Richard” prove nothing.

“One thing I would point out is how many brown dachshunds are out there, how many Brooks Brothers ties are hanging on the rack at a Brooks Brothers store,” he told WRAL. “I’m 5’10”, I have brown hair, I’m white. There’s a hundred million people who could look just like me.”

What about the North Carolina politics link?

“I haven’t even read [the blog,]” Holloway said. “Again, I stick with what I said. Do whatever you will, write whatever you will. I’m done with it.”

An audio clip of Holloway being asked about WASP 101 can be heard here.

* * *

WRAL of Raleigh, NC has reported on Ivy-Style.com’s post from earlier today. The news organization writes on its website:

Both [Holloway and Richard] have a dachshund named Governor. Both work in North Carolina politics. Their ages are the same, as are their birthdays, and Richard is Holloway’s middle name.

Chensvold also points out that photos of the second writer on the blog, “Kipp,” bear a strong resemblance to Holloway’s legislative assistant.

And later:

Reached by phone, Holloway said he hadn’t returned Chensvold’s calls because he had no idea what the caller was talking about, and he had been in budget meetings all day. He’s one of the House budget chairmen.

“We’ve had all kinds of strange phone calls,” he laughed.

Asked why someone would accuse him of authoring the fashion blog, Holloway said he didn’t know. “I guess I’m just his victim of the day,” he said.

* * *

Update: Friday, 5:41 PM: Complex reports on the latest developments.

Update: The Atlantic picks up the story.

Update: Saturday, 9:41 AM: Regular readers of WASP 101 will recall that “Richard” used to boast of having been offered a college basketball scholarship.

Now Ivy-Style.com has discovered that a week before “WASPgate,” Representative Holloway played in a hoops game with other North Carolina politicians, and was apparently pretty good. According to the News-Observer:

… Rep. Bryan Holloway, a King Republican, dished the rock from the point, racking up assists and hitting clutch outside shots…

Update, 10:01 AM: Prep blog fallout: WASP Decor shuts down in wake of WASP 101 outing. Boxing The Compass does the same.

Update Monday, 11:42 AM: Greg Flynn continues to dig up the most damning photo evidence.

Update 3:24 PM: Why would anyone want to go into politics? NC media does a lengthy hatchet job on Holloway for a variety of suspected behaviors. “Our goal with this piece,” the reporter tells me, “was to open the window on this guy to local voters in Stokes County. They have a media vacuum there, so Holloway has operated with no one watching him.”