Super Bowl Sunday Sartorial Showdown: ‘Pats & ‘Hawks Vs. Vince Lombardi

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Packers legendary coach Vince Lombardi, in fedora, buttondown and striped tie, casts a cool gaze across the field…. (Continue)

Fore! CC’s Upcoming Golf Book

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Yes, there’s another woman on our front page for the second time in a row, but you can be sure that with a swing like that her knickers aren’t falling down. The image is the cover of the new spring catalog from teNeues, a publishing house with the fascinating history of being founded in Germany in the 1930s. The image is also the cover of my forthcoming golf book.

Well, sort of my book.

Last year I was contacted by one of my former editors for Ralph Lauren Magazine, who was working at teNeues developing a series of sports lifestyle books. They needed someone with a vintage and luxury sensibility to do a golf book, and when I mentioned I’d been running the Golf Style site, the deal was done. Easiest gig I’ve ever gotten.

So I wrote a few thousand words for this picture book coming out in March. I’ll do another post when it’s actually available (the catalog copy says it’s the perfect gift for preppy fashion mavens). I had nothing to do with the image selection, but think they found a real corker for the book cover. Evidently they agreed, using it for the catalog as well.

Golf Style, for the record, went into hibernation last fall while I worked on this project, and alas I fear the topic — traditional golf attire — might be a tad too niche for the demands of my time. But I certainly had a great time doing it and we’ll see what spring brings when the golf season recommences.

In the meantime I’m currently preparing a new web project that I think will interest many of you. More on that soon. — CHRISTIAN CHENSVOLD (Continue)


Nice Catch: The Harris Tweed Collegiate Football

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For your autumn touch-football games, or your holiday shopping for the man who has everything (which may very well be you), consider a traditional football wrapped in Harris Tweed. If ever there was a way to reconcile clotheshorse and jock, this is it.

I spied it a couple of weeks ago at the opening for The Lodge‘s new retail store in New York’s East Village. The shop carries a stylish array of men’s accessories, with everything made in the US.

Priced at $175, the football is made by Leather Head, which bills itself “The Official Football Of Collegiate Tailgating.” Enough said. — CC


The Future Of Golf For RL Magazine

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This week Dick’s Sporting Goods, a major golf retailer, announced it is bailing out of the sport since nobody except me seems to want to take it up anymore.

My latest piece for Ralph Lauren Magazine, which posted this morning, was given the ominous title “The Future Of Golf.” In it I explore the sky-is-falling bad news, as well as some of the more outlandish ideas on how to make the sport appealing to younger demographics, including Ripped Links, which plans to combine golf with an X-Games atmosphere.

I’m sure you know by now that nothing’s ever been made more popular by becoming more traditional and gentlemanly. The RL ad below is from 1990, and it’s hard to imagine one so Duke-of-Windsorish running today. — CHRISTIAN CHENSVOLD

ralph lauren 1990


Brand On The Run: The Launch Of Ivy-Inspired Tracksmith

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This morning a small new collection called Tracksmith launched. It’s the first thing in a long time we’ve felt should be categorized under Ivy Trendwatch. The founder, Matt Taylor, you see, is a Yale grad and the Ivy League is referenced as a style wellspring in the running-wear company’s marketing material. For example:

Tracksmith offers premium performance running apparel rooted in the running culture, sartorial style and timeless values of New England. We create versatile and uncompromising products that fuse Ivy League style, classic American design and high-performance fabrics.



Soccer Is Not A Preppy Sport

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In  a couple of hours, the US will take on Germany in the World Cup. Most of you probably don’t care, because soccer is about as preppy as having a name like Prince Shah Karim Al Hussaini Aga Khan IV.

Pictured above is Khan at Harvard in 1958 from a LIFE Magazine photo shoot. We posted shots from it in one of Ivy Style’s early posts, and for a while the handsome prince served as the avatar of our Facebook page.

He was on the soccer team. — CC


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