Think you’re smart? Think you’re — you know — Ivy League smart?

Then see if you can figure out the cryptic meaning of this vintage Chipp emblematic necktie.

Pictured are four motifs. They are:

A clock reading 3:55

An empty whisky bottle

A woman with one breast exposed

A toilet

What does it mean? Hint: It’s about baseball.

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Given up? It’s really quite simple. Here’s what the symbols mean:

Clock = 5-4

Whisky bottle = Bottom of the fifth

Exposed breast = One out

Toilet = No one on

This testament to the wit of the legendary Chipp — the company that popularized patch madras and put Kama Sutra linings inside conservative suits — is available for $42 from Paul Winston at his tailoring shop next to Brooks Brothers on E. 44th Street. Paul has a few dozen left, and estimates them to be about 30 years old. Snatch one up by calling 212.687.0850. A sure-fire conversation piece, and just the thing to wear to the ballpark in honor of the days when men got dressed up to head down to the yard. — CHRISTIAN CHENSVOLD