Making the Grade + LL Bean’s Town & Field Pant

Once again, as we wind down 2019, we take a look at some of the more obscure posts from our early years. This one, from the fall of ’09, features a trouser alas no longer offered by LL Bean, though perhaps there are others out there. * * * Of all the background characters in

Five Years of Trad

We continue our 2019 year-end wrapup with a revisit of this 2009 post based on the five-year anniversary of “trad” on the Internet. * * * Five years ago today a man who goes under the username Harris posted these immortal words on the Ask Andy About Clothes forum: I live in the Northeastern US

Ship Of Fools

Gentlemen, Newport is an absolute dream. I’ve been in a daze since I arrived. Stars, moonlight, ocean, sunsets, church bells, mansions, cottages, ancient trees, snow, crows, and rabbits running around. May I go deeper into dreamland and never wake up. Back in the real world, alas, things are changing and for the worse. But then

Clothes Mad: The English Ivy Obsession

Next up from the Ivy Style archives is this lively piece which originally ran in October of 2010. “Sussed” is one of those British slang terms that suggests maybe we really are divided by a common language. It is often used by fans of the Ivy League Look in England — finding its cognate in

Alden Shoes and the Birth of American Traditional

Today we revisit this 2010 Japanese interview with Arthur Tarlow, then president of Alden. In it Tarlow talks about how immigrant craftsmen from various European countries brought their own styles and techniques to the US, the confluence of which became a distinct style of shoemaking he calls “American Traditional.” — CC

Vintage Ralph

In celebration of the Ralph Lauren HBO special that aired last week (chime in if you saw it, as I didn’t), here are some vintage images recently posted to Ivy’s Facebook group. Most of these are new to me and might be to you, too. At the risk of sounding like someone who works in

Brooks Brothers For Sale?

Today WWD reported that Brooks Brothers has hired the investment bank PJ Solomon with eyes on a possible sale. As heard through the grapevine, there was talk that Claudio Del Vecchio would get through the 200th anniversary in 2018 and then perhaps look into unloading the brand. WWD content is blocked by a paywall, but

What To Do For A Halloween Post….

It’s Halloween 2019 and this is me wondering if I should post another satirical “trick” about campus culture or if nothing’s funny anymore. And then I get the perfect idea for a Halloween post…. Me wearing a double-breasted waistcoat and watch chain! Peter Lavelle, Ivy Style’s new Japanese reporter, certain thinks it’s funny. Here he

Wood You, Could You? Win A Custom Commission From Dapper Woodworks

By now you should have noticed a new company in our sponsor tower. Dapper Woodworks was founded by Justin Trewitt and is surely set to corner the market on tie and pocket square racks made-t0-order. Thanks to Mr. Trewitt for coming aboard, and kudos for tapping a select niche, not to mention the skills to

Everyone Forgives A Well Worn Blazer

Esquire has a feature on the way we dress now that includes the fellow above, who’s combined trad elements with workwear and whose quote reads “Everybody forgives a well-worn navy blazer.”  Click over here to see the way the other men dress. There’s even a guy outfitted in FE Castleberry‘s Wes Anderson look, proving that,

Ties Make The Man: CC On Going Sans Cravate, 1994

While clearing out Ivy Style headquarters I came across an amusing clipping in a box of ephemera. It’s a letter to the editor that ran in the San Francisco Chronicle in 1994, when I was 24 and was publishing anything I could, anywhere I could. It’s in response to a columnist who had written about

Oak Street Bootmakers Made In USA Sale

There’s still time to take advantage of the Labor Day sale at Oak Street Bootmakers, one of the sponsors that puts the wind in the Ivy Style sails. Oak Street makes its shoes in Chicago, and offers such trad classics as beefroll penny loafers, bit loafers, boat shoes, camp mocs, and chukka boots. Head over

The Cable Guys

Looking back on this 2009 post by old friend Michael Mattis, which touches on the timeless themes of trad clothes and “no hard sell” because the stuff sells itself. * * * If some places never change, it’s because they never need to. They have reached a pitch, if not of perfection, then at least