Pitching Wu: Conrad’s Compelling New Neckwear Line

The new year is shaping up to be a good one for those in search of affordable, well-made, traditional neckwear. Following on the heels of December’s announcement of Paul Winston’s webstore for Chipp2 comes new source for handmade ties in conservative widths and patterns as staid as anything found on the racks of traditional clothiers.


Ralph Lauren Fall 2014

Ralph Lauren’s fall collection just went up online and is full of the very items we’ve been discussing lately. OK, we haven’t been discussing three-piece suits lately, but we’ve got a piece on vests coming up soon.


A Wing And A Pair: Beckett Simonon’s Budget-Conscious, Welted Longwing

We received a message from Beckett Simonon, a shoe company that launched in 2012, touting its new collection of shoes atimed at the budget-conscious guy who still wants quality. The shoes, which are made in India, feature Goodyear-welt construction, a durable manufacturing process associated with shoes priced much higher. Here’s an extract from the company’s


There’s A Reason They’re Called Loafers

Why are they called loafers? Obviously because they’re for loafing. It’s not exactly a shoe that screams ruthless ambition, is it? No wonder they were embraced so wholeheartedly by college students in the days before meritocracy. This is a shoe for guys so lazy they can’t be bothered to tie laces. The cartoon was recently


Revamped Website For Cable Car Clothiers

We segue from Charleston’s Ben Silver to another trad outpost far from the Northeast, this time San Francisco’s Cable Car Clothiers. Founded in 1939, the store has managed to survive the city’s transition from traditional stronghold (in such neighborhoods as Nob Hill and Pacific Heights), to beatnik and hippie haven, and finally dot-com hotbed. It’s


Cinderella, Your Double Monks Are Ready

Happy 2014 from Ivy Style, and let’s get back to business and ring in the new year with a laugh. You may have heard that Esquire has launched a TV network, and from what a colleague tells me who’s already been in a pitch session, they’re not exactly looking for highbrow content. In this clip,

IMG_4185 copy

Vintage Campus, Upgrading American Colleges One Sweater At A Time

Of the infinite cultural things that could stand as shorthand for the victory of the lowest-common-denominator across middle-class American culture, one of my favorites is the attire worn for the “Jeopardy!” college tournament. Whether from the most elite and expensive college or a big state school (yes, I’m a living example that sometimes smart guys,


The Boutonnair

Last night was annual Brooks Brothers holiday party, where Wynton Marsalis filled 346 Madison with jazz, creating the soft shoulders and hard bop combination that was, as I often point out, the inspiration for this website. I took photos of a number of partygoers, but they all pale in comparison to this shot of a


Wake Up Slim

Isn’t there some miracle diet that promises to burn fat while you sleep, so you can ostensibly wake up weighing less than when you went to sleep, without having to do anything except dream about donuts? Now there’s another way to wake up slim. This morning J. Crew sent an email touting slim-fit lounge pants


What We Are And What We Were: CDV on Bloomberg’s Street Smart

Brooks Brothers CEO Claudio Del Vecchio talks to Bloomberg TV’s “Street Smart” show about the brand’s current business strategy, including the upcoming steakhouse, which he says was inspired by his grandmother’s kitchen. The hosts’ questions are on point, and include asking Del Vecchio if the more fashionable clothing risks alienating “the traditional East Coast customer.”


Black Friday: CC’s Holiday Gift Guide

You have no idea how tempted I was to create a gift guide consisting entirely of black “Ivy chic” items. But seriously, it should come as no surprise that advertising support is what has enabled me to devote the time necessary to inform and entertain you as we approach our 900th post. So the following


Happy Thanksgiving

Although the tie above is from Chipp, this year I’d like to state how thankful I am for Charlie Davidson of The Andover Shop. Notoriously reticent and press shy, if Charlie hadn’t agreed to talk to me about dressing Miles Davis some five and a half years ago, and made it all sound so cool


Trad Eye For The Frat Guy

Recently an email sent by an Emory University student to his fraternity brothers telling them they were badly dressed made national news. Well it’s about time someone took them to task.


The Bard Of Nantucket: A Preppy Twist On Shakespeare

This weekend a high school in Danvers, Massachusetts will open its production of Shakespeare’s “Twelfth Night,” which it has set on Nantucket. The local newspaper reports: Where the “Twelfth Night” takes place on an island full of rich people, the Academy wanted to make its version “accessible to the Danvers community.” “The cast is ridiculous,”


The Shape Of Things To Come

There are multiple meanings in the headline above. For starters, there’s the coming winter weather, which will require coats like the one pictured above, which is coming to a retailer near you. It’s a toggle coat in rugby stripes and is either brilliant or monstrous, depending on whether or not you take your whisky straight.


GQ’s Style Treason: Buttondown “Not A Dress Shirt”

In last month’s issue of GQ, the magazine managed to twice make an assertion that puzzled us here in Tradsville: namely, that a buttondown-collared shirt is not a dress shirt. The first instance occurs in question-and-answer format in Glenn O’Brien’s “Style Guy” column: Most of my dress shirts are buttondown- collar oxfords, but I recently


For Weddings And A Funeral

I’ve mentioned here before that I haven’t owned a suit for the past few years, preferring grey trousers and patterned sportcoats. But I now have a simple charcoal suit to wear to weddings and a funeral — my own funeral, that is. Perhaps someday I’ll be buried in this. The suit was made by Kamakura

No Picture

Maine Street Ivy: Bass Returns To Pine Tree State

Bass has returned to the state of Maine — indirectly, at least. Though it no longer operates a factory there, it has contracted with Rancourt & Co. to produce a new limited-edition “Made In Maine” shoe called the Fenmore Weejun. The beefroll-styled shoe, which is priced at $275, comes in four colors. Tan and loden


Breaking: Allen Edmonds To Be Acquired By Private Equity Firm

Allen Edmonds has just contacted Ivy-Style.com with the news that it is being acquired by a private equity firm, with the announcement set to hit the newswire shortly. Those who’ve had their hearts broken at the acquisition of quintessential American brands by foreign companies will be pleased to hear that the new owners are American,

Ivy Aesthetic

New Name For A New Era

Starting tomorrow there will be a major change around here. Your browser will redirect you from Ivy-Style.com to our new home at Ivy-Aesthetic.com. After ridiculing the term for years, I’ve finally decided to embrace it. I believe the extra syllables of “aesthetic” will give this website a more contemporary identity, as well as confer upon


Critics Have Beef With Brooks Steakhouse Plan

A couple years ago, when a guy at Brooks first mentioned they were considering a restaurant next door to the Madison Avenue Flagship, I thought it was a great idea. I still do. I mean, assuming there’s a bar, won’t it be the ultimate place to have a drink among fellow trads? And for guys


Sperry Revamps Gold Cup Collection

Sperry Top-Sider recently announced it has revamped its collection of shoes and accessories called Gold Cup. Quality is promised to be higher, and of course prices are about double the usual, with boat shoes priced at $150. For that you get, in the company’s words, “premium hand-sewn leather uppers, butter-soft deerskin lining, and Sperry’s patented