Making the Grade + LL Bean’s Town & Field Pant

Once again, as we wind down 2019, we take a look at some of the more obscure posts from our early years. This one, from the fall of ’09, features a trouser alas no longer offered by LL Bean, though perhaps there are others out there.

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Of all the background characters in “Making the Grade” — without a doubt the most tradly attired movie of all time — the guy on right is probably my favorite. He’s only on screen for a few seconds and has two words of dialogue, but what an impression. He’s certainly a lot cooler than the pink-and-green caricature at left. If you’re going to wear pink and green, you’d better be a tattooed badass.

While 90 percent of the film’s characters have their bottom halves clad in khaki, this guy struts by — with the perfect nonchalance of a prep-school senior played by a 22-year-old Hollywood actor — dressed in charcoal trousers with double-flap pockets, which he pairs with a scarlet red shetland sweater, sleeves rolled up, white polo shirt and Weejuns.

I thought of the red-sweatered prep when I saw LL Bean’s charcoal wool flannel Town & Field pant with flap pockets, a new item this fall. Bean marketing quickly sped over a pair.*

Priced at $89, the Town & Field pant comes in charcoal and olive. Though waists sizes are even-numbered only, you can have the plain-front trousers cuffed at no charge and choose the inseam down to a quarter of an inch. I found plenty of room in the seat with a slim fit through the hips — just what you’d want. Quality-to-price ratio seems more than fair.

The back-pocket buttons are black plastic and logoed, so you may want to swap them for something else, especially if you plan on wearing the pants mostly with brown belt and shoes.

If you’ve already seen the pants on the Bean website, you might have noticed that they were originally advertised as washable, a mistake that has since been corrected. The Town & Field pants are dry-clean only, and hence a bit dressier than knock-around washable wool trousers. I think you’ll want to wear them on the town more than in the field. — CC

10 Comments on "Making the Grade + LL Bean’s Town & Field Pant"

  1. was already to order, when I noticed the even sizes only. Because I refuse to sacrifice fit to save a few $, I had to decline.

  2. A great movie….I bought the DVD

  3. Fantastic clothes in this movie and I liked it even more when I noticed and confirmed that it was shot here in Memphis at Rhodes College.

  4. Me, a badass? Shucks.

  5. I must say I do like the suave look of the red-sweatered chap. Definitely more of a “natural” than the cocky one on the left. I’ll put a note down to get the film…

  6. Any idea why Bean only offers cuffed inseams to 33″? They’re usually so good at offering tall sizes.

  7. I made a comment earlier, but then added the movie to my queue and finally saw it this weekend. Great movie – the prep/not prep scene is probably the best one of the whole movie.

  8. Vern Trotter | December 29, 2019 at 9:31 am |

    Sweet Briar had/has colors of pink and green. Still maybe if it is still in business. Flaps on pants pockets? Next would have been a return to the one button roll.

  9. So, now that Bean has discontinued them, does anyone know of similar pants from somewhere else?

  10. Fred Johnson | January 13, 2020 at 2:42 pm |

    Got 4 pairs @ $89 each just before they were discontinued. Actually i don’t care for the flapped pockets but for the price I live with them. I ordered unfinished and had them cuffed by my tailor. Just a good, basic flannel trouser which have held up well for 4+ years of wear and, in my opinion, a better value than those at @ $250+ today from Press, BB or OC. I wish I could still get them or that LLB would offer them (and the original Country Cords) again at even twice the price.

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