FLASH SALE (and you want this).

Go here. Use the promo code BRS25 and save $5 on the best soap there is. And here’s how I know.

I have a thing about soap, maybe it is an executive function thing, maybe it is just tactile and olfactory. But unless soap is just right, I can’t use it. I drive home to shower after the gym because I can’t do their soap.

This soap is A-friggin-mazing and I will tell you why. First, it smells just enough. And the scent, which is curated, hangs on just enough. You don’t leave the shower smelling like the counter at Saks that makes your eyes water, but you also don’t forget you chose your soap for a reason by the time you are done dressing. Second, it lathers. I get sent soaps (occupational hazard, not a personal inference) and most make me think, “what, I am supposed to wipe this on?” Finally, it is enough to make me feel like it is making a difference, I feel clean, but not so much that I am like, “This feels like I care too much.”

Sale running now. Save $5 and buy two for $25 (it friggin lasts too, I forgot to add that) using the promo code BRS25. You will thank me.

The link again in case my writing is so fascinating you lost track.

5 Comments on "FLASH SALE (and you want this)."

  1. Agree! Great soap!

  2. Old School | March 13, 2024 at 2:31 am |

    Must try it!

  3. whiskeydent | March 13, 2024 at 1:40 pm |

    Is the scent the same as the cologne?

  4. Friggin??

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