Chasing The Ivy Image: USA Today Op-Ed On Brooks In The ’60s

Today’s edition of USA Today carries an interesting op-ed from an African American who worked at Brooks Brothers in the 1960s. The piece is entitled “As a young Black man I grew up chasing Brooks Brothers’ Ivy image — then I grew out of it.” Robert Hill writes: Brooks Brothers largely created the Ivy League look,

Spring Fling: 1960s Bermuda College Week Footage

Looking to regain a foothold in the Spring Break market, The Bermuda Department of Tourism dedicated themselves last year to relaunching College Week in the form of Bermuda Spring Break 2012. Taking a page from the old College Week, students were given a pass for all sponsored events, complimentary food, free public transportation and discounted

George Frazier & Lord Of New York

Lord Of New York may sound like a comic-book villain, but it’s actually a lesser-known Ivy haberdasher. It came up in conversation at a Paul Stuart event recently with a fellow who sells menswear on eBay under the username mack11211. Mack told me about a few bespoke Lord suits made in 1963 he has for

Dateline 1968: Who’s This?

Who’s this, pictured here in 1968, one year after the fall of the Ivy League Look? He’s in a state of transition, with mop top hairstyle and blue OCBD with flap pocket and rear collar button.

Clean Living Under Difficult Circumstances

Well as things stand at the moment, we certainly have difficult circumstances, so the challenge is the clean living. The quote originates from Peter Meaden, one of those unusual characters that the postwar boom in the UK produced. At the dawn of Modernism, Meaden was in on the ground floor and was involved in the

Penthouse Serenade: Hef on Ivy, 1960

“Playboy’s Penthouse” was Hugh Hefner’s variety show from the early days of his budding Playboy empire. Episodes were taped in a party atmosphere that brought together a cross section of fashionable society (the kind of crowd seen in our post “A Swellegant, Elegant Party“), and adult music (jazz, vocalists) that’s a far cry from the musical

Things Get Hairy

I received an email this morning from a WASPy old relic who’s gotten quite hirsute under quarantine and frankly doesn’t give a damn. He calls it going “Saxon.” You see it in the movies. Danger strikes. Characters get imprisoned, marooned, forced to migrate, drawn into epic battles. No time, inclination nor ability to groom oneself

Romance at Eastern Kentucky University, 1963

The French preppy blog Greensleeves To A Ground dug up a series of photos depicting couples at Eastern Kentucky University from 1963-1964. Plenty of chinos, penny loafers, collegiate haircuts, and third button on the back of shirt collars. Not to mention young couples gazing longingly into each other’s eyes at the most feverish “should we or

We Shall Overcome

When I was 18, I discovered my parents’ folk albums from the ’60s. I’ve been listening to  music from that era the past few years, and am going to use the virus downtime to learn guitar. What’s your COVID resolution? Below is Pete Seeger, one of the pioneers of the folk revival, in knit tie

Take a Ride with Take Ivy

Take your mind off things by remembering that all things pass. Here are some photos from “Take Ivy” featuring bicycles. Get on one if you can.  From Take Ivy by Teruyoshi Hayashida, published by powerHouse Books.

Chipp of New York: Ivy League Athletics Supporters

A little dash of humor for your weekend with a flashback to this post from a decade ago, which offers a glimpse at the sense of whimsy that ran in tandem with the modesty and sobriety of the Ivy League Look — especially when it came to the clothier Chipp. * * * When legendary

Valentine’s Day Special: Ken & Barbie, The Ivy Years

For devotees of The Ivy League Look who live in 2017 but who aspire to buy clothes in 1957, there are two pieces of technology that can help. While the best option is a time machine, it is unfortunate that they are still notoriously unreliable, as any number of movies illustrate. The second option is

Princeton Newsreel, 1961

This is a long one, but worth watching in full. Students in jackets and ties make their first appearance at 4:26, and return repeatedly, so be patient during the long science-lab scene. — CC

The Game

The annual Harvard-Yale football game — known to students and alumni simply as The Game — has been played since 1875 and alternates each year between Harvard Stadium and the Yale Bowl. The Game is famous for its always-waning-but-never-quite-dead tradition of genteel tailgating, nowadays conducted alongside college parties more squarely within the “Animal House” tradition.

Take Ivy: Last Gasp of the Ivy League Look

Today we revisit this post that originally ran in July of 2010 with the publication of “Take Ivy.” When powerHouse Books releases the first English-language edition of “Take Ivy” on August 31, eager readers will finally get a chance to see its enchantingly atmospheric photos as they were meant to be seen: within the hardbound

Bleach Bum: Adler’s Clean White Socks

Back in the heyday there was only one white sock for the college man to wear with his Weejuns: wool ones by Adler. Though the ad above testifies to Adler’s pristine whiteness, it was actually much cooler to bleach them a sickly yellow color. I stumbled across the above image (which you can find on

Student Body: First Coeds at Princeton

In 1969 the old-boy network at America’s most stylish university was broken with the admission of female students. The fellow above is clearly pleased with the change. Not only in the student body (and what a body it is), but with campus fashion. Sartorially speaking, the pivotal year of change — 1967 — was two years

Still Fresh: Yale Freshmen from the LIFE Archives

From LIFE Magazine‘s 1964 story on Yale freshman Tim Thompson, which Ivy-Style covered here. Thompson, clad in black Chuck Taylors, reading Camus’ “The Stranger” — in French (this is Yale). Note neckties draped over lamp behind him: Thompson with back to camera, showing third collar button: Bow tie with club collar: Pinned club collar with