West Wing: Ivy Style Group Meetup In Beverly Hills, Wednesday April 12

Ivy Style contributing writer James Kraus has organized a meetup for fellows trads in the Los Angeles area for next Wednesday, April 12, at 7 PM. The plan is to pick a nightspot in Beverly Hills with some midcentury heritage, to be decided based on the number of RSVPs.

Working behind the scenes and with the help of Ivy Style’s Facebook group, there are already a solid six or eight guys and that’s before this post, which should help build the fellowship.

Other distinguished persons slated to attend are Jeffery Plansker, who produces the radio show Jazz Advance that ran an Ivy-themed show last October; Ryan Twardzik, shoe designer and brother of Eric who has written several pieces for Ivy Style; and Pasadena-based custom clothier Jonathan Behr, an old tennis buddy of mine who makes custom sack suits for several SoCal trad diehards.

Send your RSVP to James at this address. And of course we’ll follow up with party photos.

If you’d like to reach out to fellow Ivy Style readers in your area to form a meetup of your own, I’m happy to help out so please use the contact button above.

Note, the image above is for entertainment purposes only and the presence of attractive females is not guaranteed. Then again, it’s LA. — CHRISTIAN CHENSVOLD

23 Comments on "West Wing: Ivy Style Group Meetup In Beverly Hills, Wednesday April 12"

  1. This is a great, fun idea. Maybe a national tour? Chicago next?

  2. I have thought about having something in San Francisco for quite some time. This could be the impetus.

  3. Is this open to the ladies?

  4. Ladies most welcome!

  5. @DPG, I’d be interested in a meetup in San Francisco. The Big 4 comes to my mind as a location.

  6. @C.Ray, I have emailed Christian asking to put us in contact. Please do the same. Let’s see what we can arrange>

  7. roger e. sack | April 3, 2017 at 1:49 pm |

    I endorse a San Francisco Meet-up. Perhaps this could be held in coordination
    with Style Forum, at whose Meet-ups I have been a regular attendee. A few years
    ago Style Form had a Meet-up at the last bastion of trad in the Bay Area, Cable Car

  8. By all means as this comes together let the SF guys know, in case any of them have trad leanings.

  9. C.Ray:
    Good call! Big 4, great atmosphere!

  10. Mitchell S. | April 3, 2017 at 3:34 pm |

    Where’s all the B-o-s-t-o-n people?

  11. terrryoreilly75 | April 3, 2017 at 4:55 pm |

    @Mitchell S., right here. Reader/non-contributor

  12. Christian:

    Tried to use the email link to RSVP, but it didn’t work with my iMac.

    Could you please email the information to RSVP to me.

    Thank you.

  13. Roycru:

    As an alternative, RSVP to hsj533@outlook.com

  14. I’ll be out there the following week, fiddlesticks! I’ll be there in spirit.

  15. Jacqueline | April 4, 2017 at 8:55 am |

    It’s not in Beverly Hills, but Musso & Frank in Hollywood is very vintage. The Chateau Marmont has some heritage too.

  16. Thank you, Christian and James, for the information. Have sent off my RSVP to the email address Christian provided. Thanks again.

  17. FrontPorchLife | April 5, 2017 at 4:41 pm |

    Can we all meet in St Moritz?

  18. Unfortunately I haven’t been to Switzerland since Bonhams stopped holding their annual December Ferrari auction in Gstaad.

  19. So, when does the San Francisco shindig begin?

  20. To all of my fellow SF-based readers, I would personally like to see something come to fruition by mid-May. @C.Ray and I have already had discussions about appropriate venues and think we have a spot. Let me know all of your thoughts on schedules.

  21. Again let’s take that to Facebook until we have a handful of guys, then I can go front page with it.

  22. Evan Everhart | January 31, 2018 at 4:26 pm |

    Any ideas on possible meet ups in the greater Los Angeles area for 2018? I’d certainly be in attendance, particularly as I missed the last one in Beverly Hills.

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