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Buttoned-Down Fiction: Oxford Cloth By Eric Twardzik

For the first time Ivy Style is proud to present an original work of fiction. This is not something from the heyday archives, but a contemporary work published here for the first time. Author bio follows the story. * * * Oxford Cloth By Eric Twardzik When hard work was valued and patriotism was a

Ivy Notes S1 Last One Of The Season For Real This Time

Sorry, but everyone has been sending in such good stuff, and I don’t want it to get stale. First, a word about linking.   I think the smartest policy is this, but as with Ad Men, I could be wrong.  We don’t link to paywalls because if I were the reader and I followed a link

Ivy Notes S1 E23

It’s a Friday in July, but I have three things. First, The Amazing Tom sent me another article from WSJ on how the Tie Association is disbanding, and it started with a sentence so stupid I had to meditate again after I read it this morning.  I am not even going to link this stupidity,

Ivy-Style. The Podcast.

  Richard Press has agreed to be our first guest.  Eric Twardzik has agreed to be a guest.  I am pitching G. Bruce Boyer a whole other thing, but worst case scenario I will beg him to be a guest. Who would you like to hear?  The format is going to be an hour interview,

Eric @ The Andover Shop

Editor’s Note:  Eric Twardzik is one of the most skilled men’s fashion writers working today, so when we had a chance to publish his behind-the-scenes take on The Andover Shop, we leaped at it.  We were right.  On the day that I was asked to work at The Andover Shop, I was not looking particularly

Ivy Notes S1 E11 – A Follow Up

Emails came in (thank you ALL) in large volume about the Ralph Lauren initiative with Morehouse and Spelman. First, thank god and finally. Second, I need a deeper understanding of the way that WWD handles the subject. Here is a typical headline of the coverage:       In contrast, WWD starts with the line,

Heavy Duty Ivy and.. well…

Here’s the article.   It is from the Robb Report, by a Mr. Eric Twardzik, who can write.  It is worth the read.  My objections to the article have nothing at all to do with Mr. Twardzic’s take, rather they have to do with Mr. Snyder’s take.   In the first paragraph, Mr. Twardzik inadvertently points out

The Last Roundup

I’m headed for the last roundup, as they used to say out here in the Old West. A big and exciting change is coming to this weekend, so stay tuned. In the meantime, here’s the latest news from Tradsville. First off, the above image. Recognize it? That’s William Holden from the 1954 classic “Sabrina,”

Home On The Grange: New Neckwear Line Revives Brooks Ties Of Yesteryear 

At a moment when the necktie is facing an uncertain future, a new label is seeking to recreate the Brooks Brothers ties of decades past with an Italian flair.  Grange Fine Neckwear is the brainchild of J. Mueser’s Chase Winfrey, who announced the project last month on his blog The Grange. Winfrey, a collector of

Junior Year: Junior’s Starts 2021 With MTO Shirt Program

Junior’s, the one-man Philadelphia haberdashery founded by Glenn Au in 2020, has marked the new year by debuting its made-to-order shirt program online. Presently, two fabrics are offered: a heavyweight blue oxford cloth priced at $165, and a highly limited tan-and-white university stripe at $185. Those still smarting over Brooks Brothers’ retreat from North Carolina

The Son Also Rises: New Philadelphia Haberdashery Junior’s

While many menswear retailers are shuttering in the wake of the virus and its economic aftermath, a new “updated trad” shop, Junior’s, has opened. Based in Philadelphia, it was founded by Glenn Au, a veteran of O’Connell’s and H. Stockton. Contributing writer Eric Twardzik investigates. * * * Glenn Au may have named his new

News Roundup: Brooks Bid, Gitman Shirts, Loafers And Lockdown

Remember how in the ’80s Brooks Brothers was bought by a department store company, beginning its decades of downfall? Well the new owners could be even more odious: a shopping mall company. Reported yesterday and updated this morning, CNBC writes: A company known as Sparc LLC, which is comprised of the U.S. mall owner Simon

‘Court Of Appeals: Rancourt Crowdfunds With Wholesale Prices To Avoid Layoffs

It’s been a dismal year for American manufacturing, with the lights going off at the Brooks Brothers shirt factory in Garland, North Carolina; the culling of Southwick in Haverhill, Massachusetts; and the impending shutdown of the original Gitman factory in Ashland, Pennsylvania. Surely even the most cynical trads are hoping that at least one factory will