Yesterday Allen Edmonds contacted me with a sneak peek at a survey they just completed. It is, as you’d expect, all about shoes, with the most interesting parts pertaining to the women who were surveyed.

First off, the women all had incomes between $50,000-$200,000, and while there were only about 500 of them, Allen Edmonds (whose Patriot penny loafer is pictured above) reports that the survey was completed in half the time alotted to it, suggesting that men’s shoe choices may be a pet peeve for many women, and that they were eager to chime in.

Among the finidings:

• 65 percent of women admit to insisting their man change shoes before going out

• 59 percent have bought shoes for their man

• 12 percent have thrown his shoes out

But most intriguing were the parts of the survey on which men and women differed:

Young professional men significantly underestimate the power of shoes in a successful romance according to most women. Women are more than twice as likely to say shoes reflect their date’s (or husband’s) fashion sense (64 percent for women v. 34 percent for men), personality 52 percent for women v. 24 percent of men), financial position (36 percent for women v. 18 percent for men) and attention to detail (54 percent for women; 12 percent for men).

If you’re reading this (that is, a style blog), and you’re one of our older readers, chances are you’re not one of those poor schlubs whose wife throws out his shoes. In fact, you may actually have more shoes than your wife.

But if you’re a young guy building his wardrobe while partaking in the splendors and miseries of single life, let this be a reminder that you should never skimp in the footwear department. A modest suit can be ameliorated with good alterations, but there’s no redeeming poor shoes. — c C m