We just got a note from Kamakura Shirts saying that it has just launched an oxford campaign in celebration of its newly operational e-commerce store, as well as its fully stocked oxford-cloth buttondown collection.

Says our contact, “Unfortunately we did not have enough of them for a long time, and we are afraid if we made people disappointed. But now we have new colors in all the fits, such as NY Classic, NY Slim, Tokyo Classic and Tokyo Slim.”

Proclaiming “The Ivy League style is in our soul. Japanese craftsmanship is at our heart,” the full oxford collection can be seen here. All the shirts are must-iron, feature natural shell buttons, and have a collar carefully engineered (some might say forced) to roll.

In addition to solids and checks, there are a number of university stripes that might entice you, including pink:




And lavender:


The shirts are also available in Kamakura’s only US store, on Madison Avenue a block from J. Press. The website includes a description of the different cuts, and while the collar and cuff measurements have been converted from the metric system, I think you’ll be able to find one that works for you. Just call or email them if you need help. — c C m