The Devil Wears Nada: The Halloween Costume For Trads Who Hate Wearing Halloween Costumes


If you’ve been roped in to going to a Halloween party on Saturday and just can’t stand the thought of putting on a silly costume (especially if you don’t have an administrative body and telephone hotline to advise on whether your get-up may offend someone), then Ivy Style has got you covered with a costume that requires nothing more than clothing items you already own.

As we’ve shown in previous years, it’s possible to build a perfectly adequate Halloween costume from items you already have in your closet. We’ve shown you how to dress up as a 1930s Princeton student, an Old Money WASP (also known as North Carolina Republican state senator), and a neo-prep fashion victim. This year we’ve got something much more subtle and vastly more sinister.

Pictured above is actor Sam Neil as the personification of Satan in human form, from the third installment of “The Omen” film series, which coincidentally came out the same time “The Official Preppy Handbook” was climbing the best-seller list. All you need is a conservative dark suit (a three-piece is extra wicked), a blue buttondown, and a club tie with crests. Then simply splash on a few drops of The Devil’s Blood cologne, and use your lady’s eyeliner pen to write 666 behind your earlobe.

At the party, tell the bartender you’ll have a Satan’s Whiskers, then proceed to mix and mingle while being witty and devastatingly charming. For know ye that evil is always seductive, and the devil is a dandy. — CHRISTIAN CHENSVOLD

3 Comments on "The Devil Wears Nada: The Halloween Costume For Trads Who Hate Wearing Halloween Costumes"

  1. I’m going as a sanctimonious, endogamous, sesquipedalian and I’ll be waxing poetic about the dichotomous complexities of the Gemeinschaft – Gesellschaft types.

  2. I’m going in-character as an Animal House cast member…slovenly and drunk, of course.

  3. Too late for this year, but a tweed jacket with a Tiffany’s box in the pocket and a croissant is perfect for Paul from Breakfast at Tiffany’s.

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