Need a last-minute idea for a Halloween costume? Consider going as an Old Money WASP. You can build the costume from your everyday wardrobe.

In addition to black-and-white saddle shoes and yellow socks (above), you will need the following.

Patchwork tartan trousers:

Yellow striped surcingle belt:

Matching grosgrain watch band:

Purple gingham shirt and yellow polka-dot pocket square:

Pink sweater:

Crested blazer:

And finally, an ascot:

Throw them together and you’re all set. Because really, what better day to wear “go-to-hell” clothing than Halloween?

(Plan B: If these WASPy items are not part of your regular wardrobe, simply take some grey flannels and a knit tie, add a pipe and floppy tweed cap, and go as Joe College.)

Happy Halloween from — CC